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Activity: Jul 31

Until the players are skillers

They are just entirely different things and not something it's possible to compare, such as yeah having invoices can make RC a buyable ability but for most skills you are not modifying their exp prices by more then like 5-10%, even if you had a bil to invest. Would a strategy make players do it indefinitely? They'd prevent it once they operate from expensive things to purchase. But more significant is the fact that high gp methods are more detrimental to the economy than high xp procedures and are more vulnerable of being gold farmed. I said why? Inflation. Not much forever but more so it doesn't matter. Costs will always correct, if everyone could make 10m+ an hour then tbow will be 2b+, things in RuneScape always correct. Also anything can be farmed people have robots that do vorkath/zulrah. The economy will adapt to an inflation of gold once they get it that is it, but you can not adjust to players becoming simpler 99's. New items will always be released, giving individuals with 1-2b a motive to farm longer. And let us be fair, new skills just are not getting released into RuneScape, therefore using a player max would just wind up making them stop quicker. The issue with having high gain rates in RuneScape isn't inflation; it's deflation from getting too many things in RuneScape without sinks to them. Costs won't adjust from deflation pass alch prices. Though anything can be farmed that is gold, high gain rates make it even worse. Gold farmers cannot make cash from high xp rates aside from selling pures, but then combat xp from RuneScape is extremely fast. Until the players are skillers, max playes do not stop RuneScape as they can still pvm or pvp. This isn't a problem for tier things that are high though so it does not really matter. What would even be the intent of owning dlegs or a rune thing sink sink? High alch is good. If chambers of xerics was to be mass gold farmed by bots yeah it would become a problem but that is not the situation. You will get more OSRS iinformation on
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