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Powerful You! Women’s Network gathers collaborative women for monthly chapter meetings and virtual events. These meetings help women tap their passion, purpose, and potential in the areas of Business, Personal, and Spiritual Growth. We create opportunities for real connections, conversations, and growth within the meetings so women get to know one another at a deeper level and for meaningful and mutually-beneficial relationships.

If you want to grow your business, you have to grow yourself, so our meetings include aspects of personal development. Meetings consist of personal Introductions, group discussions, speaker presentations, networking tips, and the sharing of growth, successes, and gratitude.

Come join us and get to experience the Powerful You! difference for yourself!




Join us at our April meeting ( Apr 13) when we welcome our Guest Speaker Therese Ayla Kravetz 

We are very excited about Therese's willingness to share her journey with anxiety and what led her to write her book "Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learn beyond Anxiety"  To learn more about Therese visit

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