Moms Appreciation Day
Enjoy a little mom time courtesy of le macaron french pastries while your children attend Kids Craft...
Miromar Outlets Jan 15, 10:00AM
Friday Night Concert Series Featuring The Silver Sneakers Band
Sit back and enjoy oldies with a modern twist performed by The Silver Sneakers Band.
Miromar Outlets Jan 24, 06:00PM
Kid's Day
Toddlers to 12-year-olds participate in fun activities and receive free pizza, ice cream, and face p...
Miromar Outlets Jan 25, 10:00AM
Science Saturday
From making slime to constructing the solar system, kids learn about science and engineering. 
Miromar Outlets Feb 8, 11:00AM
 Friday Night Concert Series Featuring The Girls of Motown
This tribute group will have you celebrating the golden age and the legendary artists of Motown. Lo...
Miromar Outlets Feb 21, 06:00PM

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