Weight Loss Open House: Tips, Tricks & Traps


Date & time Aug 31 '17, 06:30PM
Event ends Aug 31 '17, 07:30PM
8971 Daniels Center Dr #304, Fort Myers, FL 33912, USA
Creator Fort Myers Chiropractic Studio


Who's attending



Come meet Dr Hoch and her weight loss staff! Learn about our innovative weight loss program and how you can lose up to 1 pound a DAY!  Sounds too good to be true but in fact these results a re TYPICAL.. Hear from some of patients about how Dr Hoch has led them through this program to help them achieve their ideal weights, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, decrease dependence on medications and finally be able to keep the weight off. 

  • Lose Fat: Up to 1 pound a day
  • Maintain Muscle
  • Without Hunger
  • Without Exercise

Visit our website for some fantastic before and after pictures:  http://www.fortmyerschirostudio.com/...t-loss/before-after/




The Wall

Aug 7 '17
Please reserve your spot today. (239) 243-8735
Aug 7 '17
Complimentary body composition test for all attendees & $50 OFF Weight Loss Program Fee for all who sign up and pay at the open house!!!
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