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What can I do to help you? - posted by Bestmengqin at Social Cents Club

What can I do to help you? from Bestmengqin's blog

I've shared all I know, (playername). I'm only able to RuneScape Gold inform you that the Solars have returned and invade Lunar Isle. You have to penetrate them and discover their plans. This is the Lunar Communication Orb. Lokar will give you a glowing object, and you place it in your backpack. The orb will glow when you speak to it.

Ethernal Communicator: Hello (Player Name). What can I do to help you? Who are you? I am an unamed magical stone, which was placed inside this orb to connect with you. Magen is my name by the people who carried me. Do you have any questions? Where are you? I'm in the middle of nowhere. But, I am everywhere. 

As a magic stone of power, I am only within this orb. Do you have any more questions? What do I have to do? Talk to the Solar Cheiftan Savarain Solar. You will then be able to gain his trust using any means neccesary. In the beginning, you need to talk with Brundt the Cheiftan to get his permission for travel to Solar Isle.

Hey, (Freminnik Name). What can I do? To travel to Solar Isle, I must be approved. Why are you going to the island? Radimus Erkle asked me to put a stop to "Great Evil". Perhaps I'll give you permission to travel there. You must not damage my ships.Brundt gives you a seal that is similar to the seal for passage. Talk to Lokar and the Sailor. Thank you for your support. Day Sailor.

Many thanks (Freminnik name). What could you do to assist me in this time of security? Do you want to take me to Solar Isle? Sailor: I've been with you for quite a while I am convinced that you are brave enough to go. Just bring me 3 pieces of swamp tar, as well as a piece of OSRS Gold For Sale fabric. Let me fix the ship.

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