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Soul wars, doesn't matter in any way. Range weapon maybe to RuneScape gold keep up activity but if you are on the crowded worlds it doesn't matter what you do so long as you hit something after every few minutes. It is going to be the barragers, chinners and 138s using 99 slay that will rule the day. I would just discount soul wars . Barrows, read a manual. Figure out your method and then adjust your gear based on what it recommends.

If you're able to get a Tokkul-Zo, do this rather than an archer's ringin regards in the elder kiln pursuit and has +4 in most combat stats except prayer and strength, making it simpler than the archer's ring. An amulet of ranging is probably a better thing to buy than the usual fury: it has a higher ranged attack bonus although it defends you slightly less well and does not have any prayer bonus.

You won't need a robin hood hat and an archer helm: for a quick stat check, the archer helm supplies higher defence although the robin hat includes +2 more ranged offense. It's really your call, the differences are small. The robin works well as a decorative item and can be recoloured for loyalty factors in Xuan in burthorpe and varrock, however. If you don't already have these, then you must find some barrow's gloves: these items are extremely successful for the glove slot and incredibly helpful consequently. You will also need to purchase a pair of ranging bootsyou should get snakeskin, as ranger boots (12M) do not fall into your financial plan.

A shield slot will likely require an illuminated god book. Together with Zamorak's book costing an unholy 22M, a much better choice is armadyl's book of law in 1.7M: it has just got two less ranged offence, but it also includes defence capabilitiies and as soon as you've illuminated it you'll get a great huge prayer bonus. Your cape ought to be ava's unless you are doing something where it won't work, for example shooting ogres in a cage. In that situation you should wear your very best ardougne cloak or something else using offensive/prayer bonuses. Red dragonhide, of course, unless you would like to acquire void. I hope that helps!

Looking in the charms I am not completely sure you could make 69 without getting more charms. Together with golds using barker toads you'd need 1840 gold charms for 160k xp, greens it is 1620 with Ibis, Crimsons it's 569 with stranger plants and blues you are probably going to want to old school runescape buy gold store but it's 343 with kyatt's or graahks.


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