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I sincerely hope they don't lock Kobe supporting a 150 + hr grind although I know it's only speculation. I completely understand how this would be cool for to not"monetize" Kobe but for internet just players it would be crap. I don't mind grinding but that I play online, I HATED the concept so I did not grind Harden, of playing games. Like a great deal of other people I work full time, and I am working to support Covid relief, the sole small break I've been getting is enjoying 2K after work, TTO, MTU, etc... I don't have enough time if I wanted to to grind and I am sure that this goes for a lot of others.

I don't want Kobe locked behind a paywall either. I feel that an Evo would be a compromise. A bunch with versions of Kobe (Amy-Opal) are also perfect for money spent groups and NMS men in my personal opinion. I have how to get mt in nba 2k21 seen some people suggest Token market upgrades using a Kobe in each tier-- perfectly fine with that as you're able to grind offline and online and everybody can. Anything but a 150 hr grind for a card everyone wants. I really like T-Mac but bothered me. We have no usable Kobe card however on T-Mac afternoon (shortly after Kobe afternoon ) they give out FREE GO's, his PD that is one of the very best in NBA 2K, AND offer out a Diamond which is much better (and useable online) than the Kobe PD they gave out. Sorry for the duration and the ramblings. I hate how they interact with the fan base and how information is distributed by them. I am not sure if I would be playing nonetheless if this was not the literal ONLY baseball match.

What's the best way for a fairly new player (no more opals and just more economical pds) to create MT? I am spender. I advocate being smart with your own contracts, save a lot of MT that way. PD contracts cost a good deal over emeralds. For diamond and below, do not use contract cards, just try to go into a match when your contracts are out on particular players, and select"Buy contracts for players that are affected " There's no reason to run 9 PDs if you are performing his sim. Possessing a bench of emeralds and what not will save MT, especially in the event that you rotate them out of the lineup if their contracts run out. I run up a lead with my starters determine how long it can be held by a buttocks chair. It's 2 minutes, sometimes it's 2 quarters. I think that buy 2k21 mt method will save 1000s in MT at the long run.

Diamond contracts are inexpensive. Slap them if you know you will play with 100 games or more using a player. Playing with TTO with 3 diamond contracts is fine. With lower tier PDs it is hard to devote to 100 games. Maybe like Jeremy Lin if you think you might work on evoing him? I've a diamond contract on Dino, should I put another one on a wiggins? I like using him but I do not know whether it's worthwhile. Spotlight and domination challenges and you will get tokens and cards.

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By Kingang
Added Jun 28



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