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A major update for Pokemon House has been launched in June, along with the Pokemon Company will offer all users a Bulbasaur and Squirtle without cost to commemorate it. 

The special thing about these Pokémon is simply because they all develop the Gigantamax factor, which implies they are going to be able to use Gigantamax after they move to Pokemon Sword and Shield once they evolve into Venusaur and Blastoise.

To receive free Pokemon in Pokemon Home, first, you need to download and install the brand new 1.4.0 update on your mobile device. To speed up the game, players usually buy Shiny Pokemon. Once completed, you'll receive a notification once you launch the app, informing you you have received a new mysterious gift. 

If you are not a Pokemon Home user, also you can get free Bulbasaur and Squirtle in Pokemon Sword and Shield. To do this, please open the Mystery Gifts menu, select Get Mystery Gifts, and select Get via the internet.  

The 1.4.0 update introduces new features for Pokemon Home, including a Catch Calendar, that permits you to view Pokemon through the date these were captured and place anniversaries. The update also adds a brand new feature that allows one to view Pokemon models from different angles and some new avatar icons. 

In another few months, Nintendo Switch will launch newer and more effective Pokemon games. On November 19, the remastered DS classics Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are going to be released on November 19, and a new adventure named Pokemon Legends: Arceus is going to be released on January 28.

The Pokemon MOBA derivative product Pokemon Unite is likewise launched soon. The game will land on Nintendo Switch in July (the mobile version will likely be launched in September). If you want to know more information, please follow our website PKMBuy, you can buy shiny Pokemon at a low price. 


Pokemon Sword and Shield would be the first mainline Pokemon game released for Nintendo Switch. They brought many new features and changed the future development of the series of games. Players Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon on the https://www.pkmbuy.com/ website will not change, the website continues to provide players with the best service. Gen 9 Pokemon games will tend to be launched at some time, but this adds another question: if Game Freak decides on this, which characters usually ought to be brought back. 


Hop may be the main competitor of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Throughout the game, his personality with the exceptional training and fighting using the Pokemon team failed to shine. The game emphasizes that Hop’s storyline is the fact that he grows and matures very slowly before the end of the game. This may be a superb springboard for Pokemon gen 9 mid-adult or higher mature version of Hop. At the beginning of the game, Hop imagined becoming the new champion with the Galar region and winning the title of his brother Leon, but apparently, this wouldn't happen.

After the events that led players and Hop to capture Zacian or Zamazenta, Hop announced that she has a whole new dream, which is to turn into a Pokemon professor to help people. This may cause Hop to essentially become the 9th generation Pokemon professor, give players their entry Pokemon, and the story will end successfully. 


Just like Hop, Sonia spends almost all of his time Pokemon Sword and Shield, taking into consideration the direction of life and the way to deal with it. She was Leon's childhood friend and Professor Magnolia's assistant and granddaughter. If it wasn't for helping Sonia figure out what she wanted to do, she would stop a very relevant role in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sonia is wise and motivated. These qualities will likely be most noticeable when she finds something worth doing, and then for her, the girl with studying the darkest days and also the history with the Galar region.

Sonia finally published her findings in the book, and after that decided to turn into a Pokemon professor. Just like Hop, this might mean that Sonia may eventually get to be the 9th generation Pokemon professor, or otherwise appear when she is learning trading skills.


Leon has a completely different character arc than Sonia and Hope, that is because when the game started, he'd achieved his goals and lived his life how he wanted. Leon would be the champion of Galar. He and Chairman Rose works alongside to make Galar an improved place and inspire a fresh generation of coaches through battles along with other famous challengers. Leon is quite confident and knows which he is a competent trainer, but simultaneously, he loves Pokemon fighting and lives for them.

However, Leon's title was taken away by the players, and although he accepted the failure and sportsmanship, Leon's story ended with no purpose for him. However, this can be wrong to some degree, because the following campaign, Leon repeatedly challenged players from the battle tower to regain his title. Buy Shiny Pokemon is perfect for new players. Nevertheless, this is more implicit than confirmed within the story, which makes Leon's return inside the 9th generation possible for making his character interesting again. 



For players, it is very important to breeding competitive Pokemon, but it is not easy. The best way is you can buy Shiny Pokemon on the https://www.pkmbuy.com/ store. It requires players to have a very in-depth knowledge of game mechanics. Let’s take 6 IV Ditto as an example to show you how to get 6 IV Ditto to breed in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

All you need to have 6 IV Ditto in Sword and Shield is usually a wish piece. Although we show you where you can get Ditto before, this is just random. For 6 IV Ditto, you need to obtain him through the raid, and there can be a specific place where this will likely happen. 

The Stony Wilderness part of the Wild Area carries a raid reason a small corner. Go right from your nursery to beneath the bridge and you may see it behind the tall grass. This is where the ditto raid may appear. If the light from your raid was purple, it needs to be the same as above. If it didn't raid back then, you wish to buy a wishing Piece in the Watt Trader next to the nursery. 

If you are ready, go to the raid point to prepare. This is where things get tricky because we will try to force a Ditto raid from the scene. To do this, let down automatic saving and hang the text speed to slow. We are going to save the game now because we shall reset to this point multiple times. Choose the option to use the Wishing Piece and save, but ready to press your home button immediately. You will see the lighting the second you press the A button. If it is purple, please load the game again and fight the raid. If it is red, you have got to close the overall game and restart to attempt again.

Once you have a purple light in the raid point, you'll have ditto. The star ranking within the upper left corner determines the quantity of perfect IVs it's going to have, so choose a five-star raid. If it is lower, you'll be able to change the date about the Switch to change it out and try again. If it has five stars, you'll receive at least 4 perfect IVs, but there might be more. 

It may take some effort to get over it, so please bring some friends who can help. If you want to take this concern seriously, attempt to get a friend who plays in another language to perform the same thing and exchange your ditto jointly. This boosts the chance of spawning Shiny Pokemon.

This is the most practical way to breed with 6 IV Ditto in Pokemon Sword and Shield. This may take a while, but stick to it, and in the end, you will be successful.




Pokemon Sword and Shield recently added a new Max Raid Battle, the event gives players a chance to get a shiny variant of the Pokemon Grapploct. But, players often love to buy Shiny Pokemon. The latest major work in the iconic monster series, "Sword and Shield", was released for Nintendo Switch in 2019. These games continue to receive support from the developer Game Freak in the form of updates and activities for two Pokemon games. 

The new Max Raid event in Pokemon Sword and Shield allows players to encounter Pokemon inspired by octopuses, for instance, Grapploct, Octillery, and Malamar. Dexerto reports that this tentacle event will raise the spawning rate of the eight-legged monsters in Max Raid Battles, making it easier for players to capture them. In addition, the shiny variant in the grappling hook may have a 2% spawn rate, creating this extremely rare creature easier to find.  

Although games for example Pokemon Sword and Shield still be sustained by developers, new versions inside the franchise will almost always be on the horizon. In June 2020, Nintendo announced the launch of Pokemon UNITE, a forthcoming multiplayer battle arena game whose mission should be to allow players to capture wild Pokémon and score goals for his or her team.  

Game Freak has been able to maintain the life cycle of Pokemon Sword and Shield by publishing events and updates, making certain that these games will still be relevant today. 

Max Raid Events include the perfect reason behind players to go back to monster collection titles since they provide an easy way to acquire rare and unique Pokemon. Buy Shiny Pokemon from pkmbuy.com is the best choice. The tentacle event's awareness of the octopus Pokemon is additionally very unique, as well as the Shiny Grapploct will attract a person's eye of franchised fans. 




Pokemon's Twilight Wings video editing series tells the countless characters introduced in the Galar area. But it is not a complete animation under any circumstances.

Although many fans of the Pokemon series may have watched an animated TV show starring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from different regions, few have watched the short series Twilight Wings. Twilight Wings is not the first skit released in the Pokemon series. Both series contain episodes of four to eight minutes while focusing on characters that many fans may know in the game series, rather than Xiaozhi and his good friends.

The background of the Twilight Wings animated short is the Galer region of Pokemon Sword and Shield. All episodes are linked together using a character that appears frequently, a taxi driver and an excellent Corviknight. Compared with the main animation series, Twilight Wings is special in that it focuses on the Pokemon world that players understand through the game. Although the methods are different, the purpose is the same. So players can choose Buy Shiny Pokemon in the pkmbuy.com store. Pokemon animated TV series plus Pokemon main game series has always existed in a 50% different world. There are various rules in each iteration, and Twilight Wings bridges this gap.

Animation style advantage Twilight Wings is better than the Pokemon TV series. It is more comparable to Pokemon movies like I choose you, and the carefully drawn background and the character design are comparable to the art of sword and shield games. Although not as stylized as Generations, the clear animation creates a pleasant viewing experience and allows fans to watch Galar differently than the sword and shield gameplay in the form of a 3D model. Although Generations and Twilight Wings have become so popular. Any episode of the mini-series on the Pokemon YouTube channel has countless views.

But the short film opportunity is really unlikely to become a complete Pokemon animation program. Although the strings behind popular characters in specific regions may attract many fans in Pokemon games, Pokemon animated TV shows are interesting even for those who have not played a title. It is undeniable that each role has a special meaning. Just like players like to buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon. The franchise is likely to continue to agree that Ash has been the mascot of the TV show for many years to ensure that the show still performs well.

Although this may be disappointing for those who like animated short films, there may be more mini-series-style episodes appearing on the Pokémon series' YouTube channel in the future. Although not sure when it will happen. However, after watching for a few generations, the exposure rate of Twilight Wings has been increased. It is likely to be encouraged. If the generation does not perform well, it is really unlikely that the Pokémon series will add another set of skits. 



In the game, each Pokemon has different uses and advantages. Some Pokemon are very good at helping trainers catch other Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are always not easy to catch in the game. In the two expansion packs released by Pokemon Sword & Shield, many Pokemon missing from the National Pokedex has been added. The following introduces you to some of the best pokemon.


Marowak, Bone Keeper Pokemon, is on the list only as it can learn False Swipe in the of its regional forms. This is removal that can never lessen the health of the opponent's Pokemon below 1 and is discussed through the article. This is given it is the most reliable movement to capture Pokemon outside of the state affect movement. 

Both Marowak's ground Kanto form and it is beloved fire and ghost Alolan regional variants can learn false sweeps. Although they might not be the fastest or strongest option, the trainer is sure to like the uniqueness of this decision.


Crawdaunt isn't a Pokemon people would assume can be helpful in relation to catching Pokemon, nonetheless, its ability set helps out quite a bit. In addition to being in a position to learn False Swipe, the Rogue Pokemon has two abilities that aid in this procedure. 

The first of the two possible capabilities is named Hyper Cutter, making it impossible to scale back its attack properties. Another possible ability of a computer is shell armor, which may prevent it from receiving a fatal blow. This means that Crawdaunt will either stay strong in battle or always attack with similar force.


When trainers consider Scizor, they often think of it as a cooler next-generation version of Scyther, a Pokemon which is already cool but somehow evolved to be cooler through its urban area.

In this situation, the Bug and Steel types referred to as Pincer Pokemon just don’t comply with their basic form. That's because even though it can learn False Swipe, it truly is much slower. Although its hiding ability cuts the weight in half, its basic speed rating continues to be 65, a staggering 40 points less than Scyther.


Since Pokemon Red and Blue was launched in the United States in 1998, the starting Pokemon from the Kanto region with the most unfair reputation is Venusaur. The trainer thinks it will be the weakest and ugliest of the original 3, and also the grass line is less popular. 

When it comes to catching Pokemon, Venusaur shines. In order to capture Shiny Pokemon, players often have to spend a lot of time, https://www.pkmbuy.com/ provides buy cheap Shiny Pokemon for new players. It can learn fake Swipes and sleep fans, a grassy action that may put the opponent's Pokemon into sleep. This provides players with a two-tiered strategy when capturing Pokemon to fill their Pokedex. 




To celebrate the most up-to-date update of Pokemon Home, beginning a few days ago, players in Sword and Shield can score Gigantamax Bulbasaur and Squirtle at the same time. 

From now until June 30th, both of these Pokemon can be acquired through mysterious gifts. The casual players can buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon from pkmbuy.com when they don't get them. If you want to add them to your collection, just go on the mystery gift option within the sword or shield game and select to get it via the Internet.


After the player completes the first footprint of the Dojo Master, the Gigantamax form of these two Pokemon will be introduced in the Armor Island DLC. But now players who do not have expansion packs can score for themselves. 

Players who utilize the DLC to acquire one of these entry Pokémon can make use of this mysterious gift along with the Charmander, and that is given for the player after completing the storyline, to get all three entries Pokémon while using Gigantamax factor.

The previous update of the Pokemon Home 1.4 version adds a model viewer plus a capture calendar for players to follow when they first add Pokemon to their collection.

Pokemon Home uses on mobile devices and Switch, allowing players to get together all of their Pokemon into a hub, where they can track their collection while wanting to capture all Pokémon.

If you plan to rate one of those Gigantamax entry Pokémon, we recommend that you take benefit of the mystery gift rewards now, as it's not clear once they will be offered again outside the DLC. https://www.pkmbuy.com/ store will continue to provide you with the cheapest Shiny Pokemon, you can buy any Pokemon at any time. 



How to get Porygon

First, you'll need an expansion pass for almost any game to reach the Isle of Armor DLC. Players buy Shiny Pokemon from the pkmbuy.com store is a quick way to get a Pokemon. After completing one more battle from the Isle of Armor's storyline, enter Hyde's room and get connected to Porygon hovering near Cram-o-Matic. 

Hyde asks if you like virtual Pokemon, once you answer yes, he'll say which sort he thinks you're. After the talks excitedly in regards to the virtual Pokemon, Hyde enables you to have it. It's so easy.

For those interested, Porygon's Pokedex description reads: "In modern times, this species may be very helpful on the net. These Pokemon goes around checking to ensure no suspicious data exists." 

This is currently in Pokemon Sword or The only way to obtain Porygon in Pokemon Shield without swapping one using pocket monster games you inevitably play. Hyde's parting word is always that he wants that you cherish Porygon just like you do, every time they visit you better appreciate human ingenuity.

How to evolve Porygon

To evolve from Porygon to Porygon 2, you would like to offer the virtual Pokemon an Upgrade item to keep and then trade it. Most players like to Buy Shiny Pokemon to play the game. You can find one out of Training Lowlands, or use Cram-o-Matic for making one, which requires two Pecha Berries and 2 PP Up.

To evolve Porygon to Porygon-Z, you need a Dubious Disc item. you can utilize Cram-o-Matic to generate one by using a light ball and three wishing films.


There is exciting news for fans, the Pokemon Company has announced a brand new Pokemon Sword and Shield Exhibition Tournament, which is to be held in October, along with the event will probably be attended by players from all over the world, brings together a lot of the world's top players.

This event is very important for game lovers. If you want to participate, you need to improve your skills. In the game, it is difficult for many players to capture Shiny Pokemon, so we need to spend more patience and time practicing. 

The global exhibition is usually a special tournament that will hosts "various players from around the world", however, it's not clear whether it be a dedicated VGC or includes multiple games, like TCG.

Players who succeed in the 2021 Pokemon Japan Championship will probably be invited to participate in the competition. According to Serebii, this can be the only designated event that is going to be included inside the exhibition.


There are no specific details about the invitation/eligibility requirements that will apply to the rest of the world. However, TPC has noticed that these players will probably be removed from their list of players that have "excellent brings about tournaments across the world".

More detailed information about the global exhibition of swords and shields will be shared in the coming months, possibly in Player's Cup IV and other Plays! In addition, you can follow our website https://www.pkmbuy.com/, which provides buy Shiny Pokemon and 6 IV Shiny Pokemon, cheapest and safe.



Since there are no Pokemon in Nintendo's E3 2021 Direct, many fans have been wondering what the next step for the Game Freak franchise is. Players can buy Shiny Pokemon from https://www.pkmbuy.com/, which supports 24/7 online customer service. Here are a few reasons why the series can return to the Galer region with Sword and Shield 2. 

The Competitive meta

The current online competition scene of Pokemon is related to sword and shield as well as 8th generation engine. Assuming that Legends may be the only version in 2022 and Gen 9 is at 2023, some time between releases is practically five years.

This may be the longest time that this competitor is within a dormant state. Sinnoh remake has confirmed that there is no online ranking battle, and as ILCA relies on a custom engine,  there is no sense to transfer the game scene to BDSP.

A perfect option would be Sword and Shield 2 inside the fall of 2022, or even another extension to bridge the gap between your 8th and 9th generations.

Galar's map & lore deserve more

Before the release, fans were critical of the Pokemon Company's decision to cancel the national pictorial in Sword and Shield. Although Gen VIII finally added content to most in the series through its DLC expansion, lots of people still find how the base game is missing.

Although the Galar area is loved by many individuals, it is hard to ignore the linearity of most maps. Of course, the outside world part of the wilderness area assists in maintaining it fresh, but the overall map feels so it needs more locations.

The same is true for game writing. The darkest day is certainly an interesting concept, but as a result of Chairman Ross's inexplicable motives, the plotline failed. There is a lot of stories left, along the sequel could be expanded appropriately.


Swords and Shield sell very well

Although a lot of people may have doubts the quality of Gen 8 didn't have many expected substantial improvements, it is possible to forget how popular swords and shields are.

As of 2021, Sword and Shield have sold a lot more than 20 million copies and it is now the third highest-grossing work from the entire series. Many players choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon if they don't catch one in the wilderness. Economically, it makes sense not to leave the Galer area so quickly, which has always been a hot topic for mainstream audiences. 


Don't forget, many fans today believe that Black and White 2 in 2012 is one with the best inside the series. The Sword and Shield sequel can solve each of the problems that fans encounter within the base game, and greatly enrich its region and story. 

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