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One day later, Pokemon Sword and Shield players will have the opportunity to get a Shiny version of the legendary cover monster of the game. Starting on October 22, GameStop stores across the United States will issue free code cards that can be redeemed for Shiny Zacian and Shiny ZaMazenta in Nintendo Switch games. If you miss this event, you can buy Shiny Pokemon any on the PKMBuy website.

The Shiny Zacian codes will be distributed from October 22 to November 11, and the Shiny Zamazenta codes will be distributed from November 12 to November 26. The former can only be exchanged in Pokemon Shield, while the latter can only be exchanged in Pokemon Sword. Both Zacian and ZaMazenta are level 100, equipped with Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield respectively.


After obtaining the download code, you need to follow the steps below to receive your Pokemon in the game:

1. Open the Mystery Gift from the menu

2. Choose to receive a gift

3. Choose to use code/password to obtain

4. Connect online and enter your code when prompted

5. Save your game

At the same time, Best Buy is launching its own Pokemon promotion. Before October 24th, you can receive the Dynamax Crystal Code Card for Pokemon Sword and Shield for free. This code will grant you Dynamax Crystals in the game. When used in the Wild Area Watchtower Lair, you will be able to fight and capture Gigantamax Pikachu and Gigantamax Eevee.

These are not the only free Pokemon that players will soon be able to get. Everyone who buys a copy of the upcoming Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl before February 21st can get a free Manaphy egg in the game. On November 19th, Nintendo Switch launched Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which updated the classic Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game and added some popular quality of life features. 

There is only one day until October 22, are you ready? To celebrate Halloween, PKMBuy will have a discount event, you can Buy Shiny Pokemon for the best price.





In Pokemon Sword and Shield, some new and unique Pokemon are introduced. These Pokemon are very meaningful in the Galar area, and some of them even introduce brand-new game mechanics, which are almost unavailable in other places. You can buy Shiny Pokemon on PKMBuy for a discount. The three most unique are as follows: 

3. Sinistea

Sinistea and Polteageist are both fascinating for several reasons. On the one hand, Sinistea and Polteageist are the only Ghost-type Pokemon with Weak Armor capabilities, which makes these Pokemon more vulnerable to physical attacks than most Ghost-type Pokemon. However, this ability does underscore the idea that Sinistea is a spirit of possessing a teacup, as it is well known that teacups are very fragile.

However, the most interesting thing about Sinistea is that players have a 1-10% chance of encountering an Antique Form Sinistea in the wild. The remaining 90% to 99% of Sinistea presents the Phony Form of Pokemon and cannot replicate the Antique Form through breeding.

2. Applin

Although many Pokemon designs are inspired by inanimate objects, Applin may be the most convincing. On the surface, Applin is just an apple. However, this tricky, dual-type Grass/Dragon Pokémon is a worm that digs holes inside the apple for most of its life.

However, Applin's unique qualities transcend the convincing disguise of this Pokémon. Applin is another Pokémon with a highly specific evolution method. Players can give their Applin a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple to help their Applin evolve into Flapple or Appletun respectively.

1. Cursola

Cursola is an evolved form of Galarian Corsola, a Ghost-type variant of the Water-type Corsola that is more common in other regions. Like Sinistea and Polteageist, Cursola and Galarian Corsola are Ghost-type Pokémon with Weak Armor abilities. However, Cursola's hidden skills, Perish Body, may be more interesting than Weak Armor.

Perish Body ability is Cursola's signature ability, so only other Cursola can show it. Both Cursola and the opponent using the contact action will start a three-round "perish counter" if Cursola is hit by a move that comes into contact with its body. If any Pokemon fails to switch (or win) at the end of the perish counter, that Pokémon will pass out, regardless of its remaining HP. 

Do you have any of these newly introduced unique pokemon in your game collection? They are very difficult to catch in the game. But don't worry, PKMBuy has updated the latest Pokemon for you, you can Buy Shiny Pokemon of any type on it. 



In the recent Pokemon Presents showcase, with all the new information about Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Pokemon Company has confirmed that competitive play will continue to be hosted in Sword and Shield.

This competitive scene is similar to Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! released on Nintendo Switch in 2018. For experienced game players, they have been buying Shiny Pokemon on the PKMBuy website.

Because these games were the only Pokemon games available on the Switch at the time and had features that were different from the main series of games, especially in the combat field. TPC continued to host VGC and used Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to rank on the 3DS. This situation continued until the second year of the launch of Sword and Shield in 2019, which is when the competitive scene jumped to the latest generation on the Switch. 

The Pokemon Company did not share more details about how Sword and Shield meta will continue to develop or whether any other changes will be made to the eighth-generation game. We do know that Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and Legends: Arceus will be supported by Pokemon Home in 2022, but it is not clear how this will affect Sword and Shield.

TPC will likely continue to iterate on the ranked battle modes every season, which will reflect in VGC events and other online ranked competitions. If you want to achieve satisfactory results in the competition, you can go to buy Shiny Pokemon and play with friends. 

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Scorbunny is cute, a happily hopping Fire-type rabbit, and one of the three monsters available at the beginning of the game. Buy Shiny Pokemon from the PKMBuy website is many players' first choice. But unlike most beginners, Scorbunny officially has four different forms, including its initial state, one of which is not easy to achieve. Below I will introduce you in detail how to obtain all the Pokemon in the Scorbunny family, including the elusive Gigantamax mode in its final form. 


The easiest way to get Scorbunny is to choose it as the starter at the start of a new game. However, you can still earn Scorbunny by trading with other players later. Scorbunny is cute, but it is not the strongest monster in the game. It is best to evolve Pokemon as soon as possible, as with beginners, usually at level 16. 


Compared with Scorbunny, Raboot has a significant statistical improvement, and in the long run, it can learn more attacks. Like the first form, it mainly excels in physical attack and speed, which is undoubtedly due to its powerful kick. Its lowest attribute is its special defense, making it particularly vulnerable to non-physical and elemental movement attacks. 

As a Fire-type, it's also weak against Ground, Rock, and Water-type Pokemon. However, assuming Fire-type moves are used, it is very suitable for fighting Bug, Ice, Steel, and Grass-types.


Cinderace will be the final form of the Scorbuny family, and Raboot can first reach this form after reaching level 35. This is slightly lower than some third initial evolutions, in which Pokemon must be level 36 or higher. Although its appearance may imply the dual type of fire/fighting, it is still only a pure Fire-type Pokemon.

This is (almost) the strongest form of Pokemon, so players should train it to reach this form as soon as possible. Maintaining the previous form as the main Pokemon in the battle will greatly help achieve this goal because Scorbunny/Raboot will be the main members to get EXP after the battle. 

Gigantamax Cinderace

Just like its generation of starters and some other players in previous games, Cinderace also has a huge new Gigantamax form. If you don't have much time to catch one, you can spend a little money to buy Shiny Pokemon. This mode was initially not available in Sword and Shield, but the new update makes the Fire Fire-type Beginner even more powerful. You must start the dojo master trial and enter the Isle of Armor to obtain this form. 

After completing a task of Master Mustard and collecting several largest mushrooms, Master Mustard will teach the player how to make the largest soup. Drinking this soup, any Pokemon with Gigantamax potential can reach Gigantamax form. 


Sylveon was introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon and has always been loved by fans. If Sylveon is well-trained, it is also a powerful Pokémon. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon on the PKMBuy store. When training Sylveon, players may also make some mistakes, but these mistakes can be avoided.

Pixelate can turn any common type of Sylveon into a fairy type. It takes some effort to obtain the hidden ability of Pokémon. It is worthwhile to increase Sylveon's damage by 30%.

In the right competition, using the right items can be the difference between success and failure. For Sylveon, there are two options. Some players choose to use Babiri Berry to help Sylveon extend its lifespan because it helps reduce damage to Steel Types in battle, but there are better options.

Finally, using PixiePlate may be better for players. It increases the attack of all fairy types by 1.2 times. Combined with the enhancements of Pixelate, Sylveon can start to cause a lot of damage when needed.

It seems that players should teach Sylveon some powerful Fairy-Type moves, but this is actually not the best way. Buy Shiny Pokemon can help players to better enjoy the fun of Pokemon in their spare time. With the help of the Pixelate function, Sylveon's statistics may cause more damage to Hyper Beam and Hyper Voice than other available options. When Sylveon uses Quick Attack, it also has a brand new power.



After the release of  Sword and Shield, Sonia left a deep impression on Pokemon fans. As a unique character in the Pokemon series, Sonia is introduced as Professor Magnolia's assistant in Sword and Shield. When you want Buy Shiny Pokemon, you can choose the PKMBuy website. However, she eventually played a more active role in the game's story, spending time studying the darkest day and the legendary Pokemon in the area, which eventually became the climax of the plot. Let me introduce you to some things about her. 

1. She is not named after having a tree

This is obvious to some people, but it is strange to the franchise.  As we all know, in the primary series of Pokemon, each professor is named after the kind of tree. Oak, Elm, Birch, Rowan, Juniper, Sycamore, Kukui, and Magnolia.

Although Sonia was not a professor at the beginning of the game-therefore, forgiven from this tradition-she did become a professor at the end of the story. In addition, she can be said to perform the traditional role of a professor better than Magnolia, which makes her name a strange decision 

2. She gives players their Pokedex

Providing players with their first Pokemon is usually a tradition of Pokemon professors in the area. However, this is not always the case. For example, in Sun & Moon, these are provided by Kahuna Island Hala, during in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, the Starter Pokemon will actively rescue players from Yungoos.

However, a tradition that has always been followed is that professors give players their Pokedex. The Pokedex is seen as a research tool, so it is natural for the professor to want to fill it. However, in Sword and Shield, Magnolia did not give it to the player but gave the honor to Sonia. 

3. Nessa is her best friend

This is a detail that is often obscured or just mentioned by the way, but it remains consistent in all forms of media. But so far it’s not clear how the two of them met or became good friends, but their close relationship has been mentioned many times in games, manga & Twilight Wings web series.

Although this has never been confirmed, Nessa and Sonia may be the same age and may have met during the gym challenge. Either way, when Sonya feels stressed, the Water-type Gym Leader always relies on her.


4. She Is Leon's Childhood Friend

The player's first meeting with Sonia in the game is brief. However, there is a surprising amount of detail surrounding her character dropped in this pool of dialogue, which many players may have skipped through to get to the action.

The first is that she was once a close friend of Leon's. It's clear from how they interact that they know each other well, and their bond is said to go back to their childhood days. You can Buy Shiny Pokemon with your friends at a lower price. This makes sense as they lived more or less just down the road from each other and started with the same ambitions in life.


The best version with the Pokemon story is usually told in the manga adaptations. The pkmbuy.com website is a safe place to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Although the quality of the game's story remains inconsistent at best, along with the animation has stayed relatively dull within the last few two decades, numerous Pokémon comics haven't ever been afraid to accept the franchise to strange and wild places. 

Although the franchise's latest entry to the comics world, Pokémon Sword and Shield Volume 1, might not be the most outrageous on the series, still it manages to generate a new attempt for the familiar world.

The first volume of Pokemon Sword and Shield by writer Hidenori Kusaka and illustrator Satoshi Yamamoto took place in the English-style Galer area, following three young trainers. Marvin is a young boy who has just moved to the area and is eager to start his Pokémon journey. Henry Sword is a trainer specializing in Pokémon using weapons, and Casey Shield is a training to understand hackers and gadgets division. 

Together with Professor Magnolia and their Pokemon partners, the group embarked on a cross-country journey through Galer to complete the Pokemon gym challenge in the area and participate in the Pokémon League competition. This premise may seem like barebones that a Pokemon plot can achieve, and it is true, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an adventure worth reading. 

Although most of the contents of  Sword and Shield Volume 1 are conversant, you will still find some surprises. Henry's adoration for Pokemon equipment is often a new concept it doesn't appear in any game. Nevertheless, it appears like a completely natural addition. Many Pokemon will have accessories that need regular repairs, including weapons or decorations. This is usually a small detail, but it's meaningful to the knight theme of Sword and Shield.

The creators of the comics Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto are veterans of Pokemon comics, this also is clear on every panel. These are two creators that have a deep understanding of the source material and exactly how it works.

The individual that needs special praise is Yamamoto, who seems to make Pokemon cool and cute in an immediately striking way. To enjoy the game better, many players like to Buy Shiny Pokemon. Just like the game it is based on, nothing in Pokemon Sword & Shield Vol 1 will reinvent the wheel, but fans hunting for a familiar and cozy comic journey will discover a pleasant time. 



It's been almost two years since Pokemon Sword and Shield came out, and players continue to discover new things in the game. If you just start playing the game, you can choose to buy Shiny Pokemon. Narratively speaking, it is not the richest Pokemon game, but they still provide a large number of side missions, secrets, and Easter eggs to keep fans satisfied with the series. But some content in the game is so well hidden that even experienced players can easily miss it.

1. The Nickname of The Gym Leader

One of the greatest successes of Sword & Shield is the unique and clear identity of their Gym Leader. In the past, when players challenged them to fight, these characters only existed for a short time. Sword & Shield took time to develop them and give them a unique personalities.

One of the many details they have got in these games is the secret nickname. There is a number in their uniform of every Gym Leader, which also has a double meaning in Japanese. For example, the number of Sword & Shield's first Gym Leader Milo is 13,  this is a pun for vegetables in Japanese. For this Grass-type specialist, this is an appropriate word.

2. The Turffield Riddle

Milo's hometown of Turffield boasts some secrets of its own. This is the first major city the player visits in Sword and Shield, and it doesn't look conspicuous when you start. However, the Turffield hides one of the most convenient items in the franchise, the Expert Belt.

To get it, you must solve the riddle of a little girl standing next to a big stone on the highest point of the town. The riddle sounds more confusing than it is, however, it shouldn't take very long to solve it,  it's worth finding the treasure at the end of the road.

3. The Shiniest Of Prizes

Shiny hunting is important to many players. Sword and Shield introduce some of the best shiny Pokemon nowadays, so naturally, many players would like to capture as many as possible. The Shiny Charm is the closest ally of these players because it increases the chances of finding wild Shiny Pokemon.

Players can get this rare item by talking to a doctor in Chichester City. When speaking with him the first time, he will hand out the Catching Charm. However, after catching all 400 Pokemon in the game and talking to him again, he'll give the Shiny Charm. 

If you think this will consume too much time, then you might as well try to Buy Shiny Pokemon from PKMBuy. We will have a professional supply team to follow Your request helps you get your favorite Pokemon.


Compared with the previous game, the Galar region of ​​Pokemon Sword and Shield has undergone some changes. Buy Shiny Pokemon has always the best way for new players. The main function of the series in the past has been deleted in exchange for new exploration.  


The Galar region of ​​Pokemon Sword and Shield reimagined many of the main mechanics in the previous Pokemon generation. The appearance and function of biomes including grassy routes, open waters, and complex caves in the Galer region are different from before. 


In many cases, these changes make exploration more immersive. However, many other changes oversimplified the gameplay and eliminated the fun of traveling in the region before. 

The Pokemon Sword and Shield create stunning visual effects in the Galer region. Places like Glimwood Tangle are illuminated by giant mushrooms of assorted colors, while Slumbering Weald is shrouded in dense fog and trees are blooming. These locations are instances of how far the Pokémon series moved since the Red, Blue, and Yellow pixelated graphics.

Pokémon Sword and Shield's artistic style changes and updated graphics help it become stand out from previous games inside the series, particularly when exploring new features for example the Wild Area and also the location in the Sword and Shield DLC.

Although the Pokemon series has changed and grown in each generation of games, some mechanisms have lost the charm of previous works. Routes between towns are simplified, and a lot of explorations in towns are will no longer need. Although some of such mechanics are replaced by new methods to explore the region, others can make the sword and shield gameplay more interesting.    

In addition, pkmbuy.com also provides players with customized Shiny Pokemon. If you are a Pokemon fan but don't have time, you can Buy Shiny Pokemon from pkmbuy.com. We support a Live Chat service. You have any questions can contact our customer service at any time.



Dynamax mechanic is banned from participating in the next season's sword and shield rankings. As the core combat mechanism of swords and shields, players will not be able to use them in the game. But players still can buy Shiny Pokemon to play the game. This actually subverts the metadata of the game and forces players to change their minds and find new strategies.

Series 10 will cancel the option of Dynamaxing. In the currently ongoing Series 9 competition, players are allowed to use one Pokemon in the restricted Pokemon list for each team. But excluding mythical Pokemon like Mew and Melmetal, they are still banned.

Series 10 will be held from August 1st to October 31st and includes multiple Plays! Pokemon events. Global exhibition events to be held in October, including the 2021 Pokemon Japan Championship, the 4th Players Cup, and the 2021 Korea Pokemon Trainer Club Competition's best players.

Players will use their skills in swords and shields to enjoy the excitement of the game. If you are just a casual player and want to feel the passion of the arena, you may come to https://www.pkmbuy.com/ to buy shiny Pokemon, and you can also experience the best game fun with the least amount of time.

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