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Ark: Survival and Evolution Genesis Part 2 DLC One of the best-preserved secrets is the Net Gun. It is more robust than the Harpoon Launcher, but it's difficult to obtain this new weapon that's very well suited for tame. The easy method is to buy Cheap ARK Items from the arkrex.com website. You will need to spend a lot of time to have it, however, if you play the cards correctly, you may acquire it as soon as you possibly can.

How to acquire The Net Gun
You could add Net Gun to your inventory in two different ways. The first method requires some perseverance, exactly like you tame Noglin, while in the second method, you can get it earlier than expected.

The net gun could be unlocked at level 43 by spending 104 Engram points, thus it may take a very long time before you reach this point. However, this certainly does enable you to makes a weapon as it's needed, this is worth the wait.

Loot boxes could be purchased through hexagons obtained by completing various tasks. The first step is usually to purchase a number of them, and then you can buy the second-tier loot boxes, each with 20,000 hexagons.

Some people believe that it is not worth investing expensive for simple weapons, but others begin to see the value of their ability. You will eventually encounter Net Gun, once you discover it, you don’t have to do anything apart from equipping it on your Hotbar and immediately begin using it on Maewing that you've been following.
What does it do?
Net Gun, also called Ascendant Net Gun, is a harpoon launcher but uses steroids. It can employ a net to knock down large creatures, for example, the new creatures added in Genesis Part 2, which makes it easy to tame these giant beasts.

A net will cover the entire Thunder Dragon and knock it down to the ground and remain fixed for some time. Players Love to Buy ARK Dinos. You can even make use of the fabricator to mend this weapon, which means you don't need it again.

The weapon data demonstrates it has toughness for 121, causing 255.6% of weapon damage. These are some incredible numbers that will explain why it becomes very important.


In Ark Survival Evolved, there are many different creatures to be found, and the Genesis Part 2 DLC has added new creatures to the list. If you like them, you can buy ARK Dinos from arkrex.com. They provide a fresh dimension to the game because everybody has a special spark that means it is unique. No wonder a lot of players desire to tame them given that they have both incredible appearance and skills.

The blend of dolphins and space creates Astrodelphis as it swims inside the air. It is a lot like Astrocetus and ichthyosaurs, nevertheless, its bizarre design has alien appeal.
If someone happens to get this creature too close, it can bite people repeatedly and summon its fellows to help you win the battle. However, if you manage to kill it because its health is incredibly low, then you'll get raw meat and hidden rewards.

You can tame it by stroking it twice and feeding it Element. It is a good vehicle because its saddle has thrusters and lasers. If you draw a north-south line within the middle of the map, you will discover Astrodelphis here.

The Maewing is often a combination of a platypus and sugar glider since it uses its capability to travel through land, air, and water. It also features a knack for stealing the offspring of other creatures through the entire map, and it is going to even take care of them.

This creature is fairly docile, however, if you decide to kill it, it can drop animal hide, raw meat, Pelt, and keratin. Many players buy Cheap ARK Items With Cheap and Fast Delivery at arkrex.com, which supports a 24/7 online service. You can find it from the Garden of Eden within the northern one half of the map, this is easy to find
You can tame it and then use it to transport and carry approximately four small animals, however, the process is a bit complicated. If you would like to tame Maewing by yourself, this can be a guide to be able to do it.


Fans and players from the action-adventure game ARK Survival Evolved should be patient while using the game's next paid expansion pack, as the ARK Genesis Part 2 DLC is delayed until June 2nd, and the main theme and new key art game have been released.

This is the team's sincere apology and explanation for the delay of DLC through the game's official website.

The last chapter of ARK: Survival Evolved could be the most complex and ambitious expansion we've got created to date! We are prepared to share with you and are also proud of the great effort, creativity, and enthusiasm with the team. Players buy cheap ARK Items on the legit store arkrex.com, delivery fast! We firmly think that Genesis 2 may be the best choice that you should travel around in ARK within the last 6 years, which is an appropriate story conclusion, and hope our players will perform as well!

As most of you know, we've got transitioned into a completely remote working environment since the beginning of recently. The transition from the collaborative in-office workflow to remote work faces unique challenges.

The team needed to work from home through the entire release process, which exacerbated the massive scope in the second component of Genesis plus the challenge of ending ARK 1 out of an explosive manner that people personally set. We have thought we would postpone the launch time by one week until June 2. It just has become the 6th anniversary of ARK! At the same time, many cheap Buy ARK Items you can buy.

For us, that is a difficult decision, because we are eager to play Genesis 2 like you, but also, in the end, we presume it’s the best decision to offer new content to our players in the best way.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope that after you get to play Genesis Part 2 and make the first steps towards the end — or maybe a new beginning? — that you agree the wait could have been more than worth it!


Once you've managed to make it through your first couple of minutes about the island without dying, you'll consider building a base. A well-designed base will shield you from the elements, keep gathered resources and supplies secure, offer a place to keep crafting, cooking, and farming equipment, and - most of all - protect anyone with creatures from your island's hostile forces.

Building Your First Base
To develop your first base, you'll understand basic principles of leveling and Engrams, resource gathering, and crafting, and you'll have assembled no less than a couple of simple tools - ideally, a hatchet and pick. If you need items on all of that, you can cheap buy ARK Survival Evolved Items on ArkRex.

Where To Build Your Base
When you're want to establish your first base, you'll ideally wish to find a spot that provides easy access towards the game's most frequently-used resources - namely Wood, Thatch, Fibre, and Stone. As mentioned previously, the beaches where most players start aren't probably the most resource-rich areas hanging around - so, once you're equipped for basic survival, consider moving inland somewhat, away from your often heavily-populated coast.

What To Build
When you are looking at base building, you may be as practical, or as fanciful, when you please. All bases will share several core elements, needless to say - and you'll have slightly different requirements depending upon whether you use a PvP server or PvE. Initially, however, all you'll need to create is a spot to keep you safe from the world outside - so four walls, a ceiling, and also a foundation to get it all on should suffice. Arkrex.com provides all Cheap ARK Items, if you need them, please choose us.

The reason why Ark: Survival Evolved is so unique is that when you tame the first creature, it is a game-changer. All it is the right tools plus a little idea of the creature itself as a way to successfully tame it initially you try!

Choose any creature
First, you must decide which style of creature you intend to tame. This is usually using the purpose you require it to serve. Do you want some method of transportation or something like that to carry every one of the supplies at harvest time? It's best to get started with something simple.

There are more than 80 kinds of Ark Dinos in PVP or PVE, Players can tame them by feeding and other strategies, Buy ARK Tek Items and ARK Dinosaurs on arkrex.com.

Find A Secluded Location
One thing to recollect is that subconscious creature might be attacked by other players or creatures, so you need to knock it down inside a safe place to tame it. The taming process could take some time, and also you don't want whatever else to kill or awaken it before taming.

Open Its Inventory
You can access their inventory list of each creature without consciousness, and you should add Narcoberries or anesthetics along with their favorite foods into it. The general rule of thumb is the fact that herbivores will eat berries, while carnivores like meat, but all creatures will bite.

Use your like creature
After the taming bar is filled, you can be prompted to name it, after which it will follow one to the end of the Earth. If you can create a saddle, Then you can simply equip the creature with a saddle by visiting the creature's inventory.

Arkrex.com sells PVP dinosaurs with the fastest update speed and the strongest attributes, Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items for sale on it.Buy PVP/PVE ARK Survival Evolved Items Please choose us.

Pteranodon is the first of many dinosaurs to start out using Ark Survival Evolved. These creatures are usually the first kind of flying object players try and tame.

Downing Pteranodon
Since the Pteranodon is often a low-level creature, game players won't need upgraded weapons and equipment to tame the creature. Instead, players may use a primitive crossbow and bola to down the dinosaur. When the player uses bola to capture creatures, he'll launch yet another tranquilizer arrow or two to knock down the dinosaur. After two shots, the Pteranodon is going to be knocked down as well as the player may start the taming process.

Players may make props amongst in the game, especially Tek Items, that is achieved by collecting the Ark resources and technologies necessary for making. Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items for sale on arkrex.com, Buy ARK Dinosaurs is very fast and safe.

Food and tame
Players can use raw meat to regenerate and tame Pteranodon. You'll be able to harvest raw meat from every dinosaur roaming the map. High-quality meat will not be necessary, but it really will work faster. Merely giving biological food can rejuvenate it, but it takes a considerable amount of time. Instead, gamers need some narcotics around to speed in the process. Generally, 20 narcotics are sufficient to subdue any Ptera. If fed raw meat, the creature will be needing fewer narcotics to tame.

Make a saddle
Once the gamer has tamed the Pteranodon, they have to make a saddle make use of the dinosaur to be amount. Players will need the following items to make saddles: 75 Chitlin / Keratin, 125 Fiber, 230Hide, and 15engram points.

Pteranodons would be the fastest flying machine within the game. The mount will help the players find and tame the larger dinosaurs during the experience. By taming and installing small fliers as quickly as possible, gamers are going to be able to traverse the scenery better and progress faster.

Generally speaking, when you initially come to the Ark, you might always encounter various accidents creating the loss or death of dinosaurs caused by insufficient experience.  It is recommended that players Buy PVP/PVE ARK Dinosaurs and ARK Items from reliable suppliers. arkrex.com is a specialized store, supports 24/7 online services to help players better enjoy the game.


 ARK: Survival Evolved has achieved amazing success as being a survival game for countless years. Despite the continuous delay, nevertheless impresses players today. But you can still find some content in ARK: Survival Evolved, whether there is certainly freedom or otherwise, doesn't have any meaning.

The Tech Tree
The Tech Tree of  ARK is principally to create a feeling of progress, however, many things are not aligned. E.g, many saddles are unlocked before the bow and arrow. The bow can offer any amount of simplicity and functionality, as you move the saddle requires complex and thorough leather products, which has to be done by professionals. Players can buy ARK Survival Evolved Items on arkrex.com, very fast and safe.

The Gunpowder Recipe
 Most of the recipes in ARK be the better choice. Even though some things, including cooking pots, require some imagination, but the most surprising of such errors could be the gunpowder formula. In its simplest form, gunpowder in person requires a minimum of sulfur, saltpeter, and charcoal to generate. Gunpowder in the Ark can be a combination of spark powder and charcoal.

Few Feathered Dinosaurs
The dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved can be a key part of the game. most of the dinosaurs amongst gamers have insufficient feathers as compared to dinosaurs in the real world. Especially the terrible birds of prey and Tyrannosaurus, whose feathers aren't enough to say their titles, and combined.

Dinosaur size
The size of dinosaurs can be a tricky topic because, with regards to raptors, it's not at all specified what sort of raptors they're, but those scary fast-moving predators aren't the only dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved. In particular, the sizes and are either of many underwater dinosaurs are incorrect, much smaller or bigger than their original real-life version. Also, ArkRex is a store that specializes in providing ARK Survival Evolved Items and Power Leveling services to players, Buy PVP/PVE ARK Items, Please choose arkrex.com.
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