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During the TBC Classic, you will frequently see three major pet families.  Cats, Ravagers, and Scorpids. Many new players choose to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold at the https://www.mmotbc.com/ store. Two of them (Cats and Scorpids) are already popular in Classic, but Ravager is a new product of TBC, and you want to see them. So where can you get three cute pets?

Ravagers: Although you will get Quillfang Ravager in Hellfire Peninsula, this is the camp at the start of TBC. If you are Alliance and focus this guide before TBC is released, it is possible to go to Azuremyst Isle to obtain it early. Either Ravager Specimen or Death Ravager might be picked up easily, take note that you need to earn some serious upgrades first.

Cat: Probably the most common pet in Classic, for a simple reason. Cats are probably one of the most powerful pets amongst games, plus they are often just about the most beautiful pets. There are so many available, check out Petoptia to search for the one that suits you best.

Scorpius: Like cats, Scorpids are one of the most popular pets in Classic. Compared with cats, scorpions are certainly not an offensive option. They tend to be more defensive. Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold can make it easier for you to enter the dungeon. Their strong resistance far better endurance cause them to ideal solo pets. There is merely one scorpion model in World of Warcraft, but there aren't many colors to pick from.


With the release of Burning Crusade, game changes will also bring more freshness to players. As the character level increases, players need more WOW TBC Classic Gold, and gold farming will be important. The following is the practical method of getting gold.

Use the auction house to earn  
Effective utilization of the auction house to earn coins is an excellent way for players to further improve their efficiency. Players often use buy low and then sell high. The best way to earn a comfortable income through the auction house is to purchase raid materials at the best prices on weekends.

Keep at heart that playing auction houses as with the stock market becomes tedious for many players, along with players who're interested in making gold a core part with the World of Warcraft experience, case a recommended strategy.

Making gold through professions
When you're making gold by profession, we did it by cultivating materials on the open-world yourself and crafting them before selling those to other players. Mining and herbal medicine work most effectively occupations in material agriculture. In addition, it is possible to follow the best route supplied by these online guides when farming materials to discover different ore or herbal nodes to gather and store in World of Warcraft.

Running dungeons in TBC Classic
The dungeon houses several key crafting reagents, including dark runes and big glorious fragments, which might be still relevant and may be sold at auction houses at expensive during the first couple of stages in the TBC Classic. In addition to getting as numerous passive gold coins as possible from your enemy, you'll be able to also acquire some saleable items and equipment that may increase your total income for each and every dungeon.

The above is the gold coin raising method summarized by MMOTBC for everyone. If you don't have enough time to do this, you can go to MMOTBC to buy Cheap TBC Classic Gold, you can touch us anytime.


As a role promotion, the Dark Portal Pass would be the first time-saving service from the Warcraft classic. Having a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold can speed up your character promotion. However, there exists a fierce debate about whether it's worth promoting on the personal level, and whether it be worth promoting the role from the game.

The response to this question depends largely on who's asked. From somebody's player's mindset, the boost has obvious benefits. But the question comes down to what will be the cost? Not only would be the player’s upgrades expensive with regards to money, but it's also still unclear what type of broad impact the Dark Portal Pass may have on the entire game in the event the Burning Crusade classic is released, particularly the game economy.

For this reason, whether or not it looks attractive, in the long run, the Dark Portal Pass for World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic may not be worth every penny. Here are the short-term benefits associated with the Dark Portal Pass for players, and why it is probably not worthwhile with the long-term health of the game.

On a once per account basis, WoW players can pick to upgrade a character to level 58 for $40. The enhanced character will likely be equipped with green quality equipment, a modest amount of gold, fundamental mount and riding skills, four 12-slot bags, weapon skills upgraded towards the appropriate maximum level of 58, and simpler flying around the globe path. You cannot use boosts on new blood elves or Draenei characters in the Burning Crusade.

As more professional alternatives for gold manufacturing and more robots use the service for gold sales,  it is hard to repeat the impact of the game economy during the process of  World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic. But in MMOTBC, the player's behavior determines the state of the game, and spending can save time, you can choose to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold to enjoy your game.


With the start of WOW TBC Classic Arena season 1 in June, Blizzard will also host the TBC Classic Arena Championship next month, which is July. Many players choose to buy Cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold on mmotbc.com to improve their gaming skills. It is also to celebrate the return of the Dark Portal and the birth of the World of Warcraft Arena.

Burning Crusade occupies a special place in the history of World of Warcraft, and Blizzard hopes to show this history to express its deep love for it. The game is implemented in a 3-vs-3 with best-of-three or best-of-five series. From now until July 9, players can go to GameBattles in North America or the European Union to register.

After the registration period is over, the offline group match will be held from July 17th to 18th, and the top eight teams will be determined by a two-win-of-three game. A prize pool of US$30,000 (US$15,000 per region) will be allocated to the top eight players:
First: $5,000
Second: $3,500
Third: $2,000
Fourth: $1,500
Fifth/sixth: $1,000
Seventh/eighth: $500

The competition between July 23 and 25 will be more intense. The top eight teams will compete with each other. The competition will be conducted in a best-of-five format. They have a chance to win a larger prize pool and CAT championship titles.

The top 10% of all players will also receive the original title of Conqueror, representing your best arena competitors for adventures in Outland. The competition will allocate a prize pool of $30,000 in the Americas and Europe and will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch from July 23rd to 25th.

The TBC Classic Arena Tournament is very important to many players, so if you also want to participate, please register an Arena team on Battlemaster and join the battle. To participate, you must have enough time to practice. To form a team with your teammates, you need a lot of TBC Classic Gold. MMOTBC has prepared enough TBC WOW Classic Gold for players to sell. You can come to mmotbc.com to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold at any time. We protect your account security, please rest assured to shopping.

Arena season one brings players three arenas, they are The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, the Ruins of Lordaeron in Tirisfal Glades, and the Circle of Blood in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Different from the 2007 arena, The retail version of World of Warcraft has updated the Ring of Trial and the Ring of Blood, giving players the opportunity to fight again in the original layout.

In the arena system of Burning Crusade Classic, the player's initial level is 0 instead of the 1500 arena level at the beginning of all players in the original game. In the game, players need a large of WOW TBC Classic Gold to Upgrade their level. Blizzard adjusted its MMR system to improve the quality of the game. When the game was launched earlier this month, it went from allowing players to purchase levels to how to launch the game's final content.

Players must form 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 to participate in arena battles. By competing in the arena, players can earn arena points every week based on the team's performance, which can then be cashed in to obtain powerful weapons and armor. Arena Points can be used to purchase endgame quality equipment that only advanced PvP players can use.

Players need to complete at least 10 games within a week to be eligible for arena points. If you are alone, then you need to participate in at least 30% of the games that week to earn points. Arena points are awarded to players at the beginning of the weekly reset and are distributed according to the ranking of players and their teams. The first 0.5% of players will also get the Swift Nether Drake mount, which is only available during the game's first Arena season.

This season's competition rewards will be divided according to the ranking ratio. At the end of the game, the top 35% of players will receive the title of Challenger, and the top 10% of players will receive the title of Rival. The top 3% of players will receive the title of Duelist. If a player ranks in the top 0.5 or top 0.1% of all arena players this season, they will be awarded the titles of Gladiator and Infernal Gladiator respectively. Players who reach the level of Infernal Gladiator will also receive an exclusive Swift Nether Drake mount.

With the advent of the new season, players' demand for TBC Classic Gold is also rising. As we all know, sufficient WOW Classic TBC Gold can ensure that you can successfully obtain arena points in the game and bring you a good gaming experience. MMOTBC offers a large number of TBC Classic Gold For Sale with Handmade, you can safely Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold at mmotbc.com


As soon as the much-anticipated Burning Crusade Classic was released, it attracted new and old players to venture into the Dark Portal and experience its demonic horror firsthand. If you want to fully experience the process of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic, then you must understand the Layer Hop.

MMOTBC will help you better understand Layer Hop to help you better explore the dangerous terrain of the Outland. Also, many players need a large amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold in the game. You will most likely use it when you find that your friends are also playing Burning Crusade.

What is Layer Hopping in WoW Classic?
Due to the programming of the game, WoW Classic includes the concept of layer hop. In WoW Classic, each domain has multiple versions of the same world, and all versions are superimposed on each other to form a "layer". When a number reaches the upper limit, any new players will be sent to the next available "layer". This is a simple way to control the number of people. If you and your friends are on a different layer, how can you break through the limits of the level and explore Azeroth together?

How to change layers in WoW Classic?
This question is exactly what MMOTBC wants to answer. First of all, you need to know which floor you are on. Here is a very convenient plug-in to help you more clearly know which layer you are on. The best way is to install the Nova World Buffs plugin.

In order to layer hopping, this is all you need to do:
Download and install Nova World Buffs.
Go to the 'configuration' menu.
Select 'Show Minimap Layer', and then close the menu. You will now see which layer you are on, displayed at the bottom of your minimap.
You will need to target an NPC in order to see this, otherwise, it will continually show 'no layer'.
You can now ask for a layered hop by typing "looking for Layer Hop, not Layer [X]”.
Ensure that you specify which layer you do not want to end up on.

When players want to play with friends, they will encounter the problem of layer jumping. Jumping layers will allow you to make new friends, and you can even collect more different resources through layer jumping. If you have more questions about layer hopping, you can continue to pay attention to our MMOTBC. If you don't have enough time to swipe TBC Gold in the game, you are welcome to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold at mmotbc.com, and we will provide you with a safe and convenient service.

WoW Burning Crusade utilizes many parts of the Outland Map, allowing players to obtain the materials they need in many different locations. Although the Burning Crusade has changed, the location remains basically the same. The map of Outland is full of agricultural areas, and players can make full use of them to play the best role for the tribe or alliance.

As is the case with most MMORPGs, the characteristics of reaching endgame content are the need for resources, materials, and a way to make TBC Classic Gold quickly. Fortunately, Outland provides players with many farming locations. Given the necessity of farming resources, some players may look for areas that are less crowded by other players.

Most players probably don't want to fight alone with the boss of World of Warcraft while collecting materials. The northwestern part of the Terrokar Forest is the Barrier Mountain, which is the main place for planting herbs and is most commonly used as a raw material for potions. Finding an effective route through the hills can exponentially increase the number of herbs collected, with minimal contact with the enemy.

Terrokar forest has a large number of agricultural sites. Although not all agricultural areas in the forest are banned from flying, some loot is worth competing with other players. If the elemental plateau is too crowded, Skettis provides an alternative method to collect water particles and fight the water elemental. However, players should be cautious in this area, as Alluvion may be too close.

Black Wind Lake is a unique and valuable fishing spot because it has a highland mixed school fish pond. Players looking for Mr. Pinchy should use this position as much as possible. Given that the Burning Crusade classic of World of Warcraft was only released a week ago, this field should still be relatively uncontroversial. If you are playing WoW TBC Classic, now is the best time to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold on the mmotbc.com store, delivering fast and safe.

These locations appear in the form of areas where flight accessibility is prohibited. Before being able to reach the most profitable place, World of Warcraft players must acquire flying skills from their respective Alliance or Horde NPCs. Flying can be obtained from NPCs in Shadowmoon Valley at level 70, and flying mounts can be purchased at the same location. Alliance players should look for Ilsa Brewster in Barbara Fortress, and Horde players can train with Olrokk in Shadowmoon Village.

The choice of profession is very important for players in World of Warcraft. Each profession will have its own advantages, and only players who are good at using that profession will play the biggest advantage of changing their profession. As each player has different preferences, again, we introduce several different professions for players' reference.

If you want to accumulate more gold coins in the game, then I recommend you to use Alchemy. Alchemy in TBC is a powerful profession for making gold. Conversions like Primal Might are of great value throughout the game, and in the early days, many players will be willing to spend a lot of gold to obtain them. Mmotbc.com provides cheap Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold, if you don't have enough gold, you can go to buy, safe and legit.

This class gains additional utility from the newly launched Cauldrons, which can provide a complete raid with important protection potions. The new alchemy stone can be used as a trinket, which is useful to the healer in certain situations.

Most players with alchemists will only do this to make potions and transforms. This is not necessarily the profession of the main character that many players want them to raid.

Jewelry craftsmanship is also very attractive to PvPers. It can not only increase stealth detection but also can be used to greatly increase attack power. There are certain gems in TBC that only jewelers can use, but they are only slightly better than others. This trinket is considered to be one of the best trinkets for thieves, and thieves are the top class in the arena.

Players who like to play melee will regard forging as one of their professions. Most melee professional maces can also be upgraded throughout TBC so that warriors and shamans can maintain this profession throughout the expansion process. The one-handed mace Dragonmaw is one of the most powerful crafting items in TBC. In addition, blacksmiths can make gold by making various items, such as weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor gains for items.

Players can make gold by enchanting other people's equipment or helping your guild. Enchanting will also become the first choice for those who run a large number of five-person dungeons and obtain loot they don't need. The dropped equipment can be decomposed and turned into more valuable materials, which can be used to enchant the equipment.

The project lost some value in TBC. But just because it is not mandatory does not mean that it does not have all the explosive toys before. Explosives, engineers, and grenade items are still useful throughout TBC, and PvP players will want to get craftable engineering goggles that improve invisibility detection.

Although these goggles were unusable at the beginning of TBC, it is expected that many players will revert to engineering when they become available in future patches so that they can catch up to the nasty stealth course in arena games.

This class was once considered a prerequisite for every predator in TBC, but Blizzard’s changes to Drums of Battle have greatly weakened this class. Despite being weakened, the raid still hopes that there will be at least one leatherworker in each group of raids. In general, this means that you need to have at least five raiders capable of leather processing in a 25-person raid.

Tailoring is the strongest DPS profession in TBC. The tailor provides a lot of powerful pre-raid equipment and the best two-piece Spellstrike suit for the warlock. Three special fabrics can be made, similar to the classic moon cloth, which can be used to make various items and equipment.

In the occupations introduced above, each race has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, in the Burning Crusade version, all occupations can be played happily. If you need a large amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold in the game, you can come to our MMOTBC to quickly buy it. Real players make it online, which guarantees the safety of users.

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