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In Ark: Survival Evolved, developers will patch and update the game as frequently as possible. Although some things may be buffed and weakened, many of the best items in the game remain the same. Players to buy Cheap ARK Items from the arkrex.com store when they don't have to make them. Learning the best items in the Ark will allow you to survive on the harsh land of the island instead of eventually becoming food for dinosaurs.

Ghillie Armor
Players might make many different armors from the Ark, each armor possesses its special attributes. Some are suitable for cold temperatures, some are suitable for heat, and many are suitable for preventing dinosaur claws from tearing players.

With this in mind, Ghillie Armor is one of the most effective defenses that survivors will have, as it reduces the dinosaur's vision by 50%. In addition, the chance of anything seeing you is greatly reduced, which is a huge boon.

The most important thing is that the resource requirements are reasonable, and the players get a lot of heat protection and a fair amount of cold protection. The Ghillie Suit can certainly become one of the best items in the Ark.
When players spawn in the Ark, they have nothing. After hitting several trees and collecting several rocks, they could make a stone pickaxe. Next, it's picking more trees and collecting more rocks, eventually building a stone hatchet, and maybe a spear. Early games saw players as cavemen seeking to avoid hunger.

But after the survivors can make a bow, their whole world will change. Suddenly walking in front of the dinosaur is no longer dancing with death. Buy ARK Items has become a hobby of many players. Players may also use tranquilizer arrows to knock down dinosaurs quicker, keep a healthy distance from any unfortunate creatures they insist on hunting. The bow usually changes the rules of the game, and many people think it is where the game takes off.

In the Ark: Survival Evolved game, what often confuses players is which server they should join. Different servers correspond to different game styles. Various resources and creatures are also very important in the game, you can Buy ARK Items and ARK Dinosaurs from arkrex.com. Therefore, you should know all the information about the server before playing the game, which can help you decide which one is right for you.

The single-player game is self-explanatory because doing so allows you to enter the Ark: Survival Evolved Map yourself, with no chance of other random players, joining. You can explore, create, and tame several creatures, and adjust the settings to anything.

If you don't need to be attacked by random players, or don't wish to focus on taming creatures with virtually no negative physical side effects, then a server is made for you. You can even apply several cheat codes to customize your experience.

Official server
The official servers are servers created and run by Studio Wildcard, although there is a problem because these servers are very suitable for beginners. They are cleared frequently to provide a chance for franchise beginners to succeed, so if you want to build a timeless epic base, then you should consider trying to make your server so that you can make the rules to its existence.

Dedicated Servers
The dedicated server is hosted by players, but it does call for a lot of memory and memory, particularly when more players join the lobby. However, with the use of one system as the server, you simply can't use the same system to try out games. This means you need two PCs, or one PC and another Xbox, to play with and host the server simultaneously. One benefit from this server is you can adjust the settings wish.

Non-dedicated server
Non-dedicated servers are the most effective servers to play with some friends. You will be able to play the game and the host simultaneously through your settings, even so, the only disadvantage is the fact that any players who join cannot leave the host over 500 meters.

This means that any random creatures generated appear next to you, to easily kill them and protect the creatures you tamed from harm. Buy ARK Wyvern is easier than tame them. If you wish to explore the globe with your friends and build a great base without concern about being attacked, then you definitely should make this type of server.

After you determine your server, you should never forget that you cannot transfer your character data between certain servers, like official and unofficial servers. The characters you create are only able on one server at a time, if you don’t want to return, make sure you upload those to the Obelisk before exiting.


Oil is a precious resource within the Ark, and its particular use is as necessary as its value. Unfortunately, it can be one of the hard-to-obtain resources in Ark. To quickly level up, most players choose to buy cheap ARK Items from the https://www.arkrex.com/ website.

What Is Oil Used For?
Generally, the oil may be known as a mid-to-late game resource. Although you may require some rare items, for example, flamethrower propellant or paint sprayer, a hint that collecting oil is going to become your daily routine once you unlock the generator Part of your own life.

Generators have opened up a world of efficiency-enhancing items and several new weapons and tools that can greatly allow you to. Refrigerators, turrets, elevators, lamp posts, ac units, keyboards, and chemical workbenches all run from generators. The generator runs entirely on gasoline, one set every half-hour. Gasoline is done by mixing oil and leather in forging. Therefore, to run your generator all day and night, you have to collect no less than 48 oil to generate enough gasoline.

How important is oil?
However, powering the bottom is not the only by using oil. It is also the key component of re-fertilizer, the necessity for effective crop planting. Since many crops were used for making dinosaur coarse food, it had been helpful for dinosaurs. Oil was extremely important inside the Ark.

Oil can be part of the production expense of all industrial-grade workbenches, including an industrial forge, industrial grills, and fabricator. You will start unlocking these benches around level 50. Not only do these benches call for a small amount of oil for making, but each bench uses a gasoline supply outside of your generator, making it a good idea to start collecting oil immediately.

Like other resources in the Ark, oil can be obtained in many different ways. Adventurous players may decide to hunt and discover oil, while wise farmers may choose to use tamed creatures to generate oil with time. If you don't have more time to tame creatures, you can Buy ARK Items, fast and safe. So you can find the method you like according to your hobby.

Oil is a very precious resource in the Ark: Survival Evolved. There are many approaches to find oil in Ark. It depends on how much you need, how much time you have, the map you are playing, and how advanced you are in the game. If you don't want cost more time finding, you can Buy ARK Items from arkrex.com. Let's introduce the method for you below.

How To Find Oil
At the beginning of the game, when you only need a small amount of oil to make a propellant or turn meat into jerky, the best option to discover oil is to kill trilobites. Trilobites are small marine creatures that fly above the bottom of shallow lakes and rivers. They can be easily mistaken for rocks, however, they are almost always seen in groups. Killing them will produce a handful of oil, but make sure you might have an attack plan: when you kill a trilobite, others in the region will back off, so it will be difficult to kill them effectively.

Once you might have better armor, decent water dinosaurs, and enough courage, another best way to accumulate oil would be to search for black nodes from the riverbed and ocean floor. However, this is a risky approach because many of the most dangerous creatures in the game are lurking inside the water. If you plan to gather oil in this manner, it is recommended that you tame extremely high-speed water mounts.

As a novice, ichthyosaurs have to be your best choice, since they are very fast as well as simple to tame. However, keep in mind that they have no offensive capabilities. It is also recommended that you consume Lazarus Chowder so as to hold your breath for enough time to mine deeper water.

If sailing will not be what you want, then an alternative for collecting oil would be to search for black nodes over the snow biome. Remember to wear fur to protect yourself from extreme cold. It is also recommended that you bring ankylosaurus in order to mine as soon as possible. If you don't have an ankylosaurus, you can buy ARK Dinos For Sale. In addition, snow also has its own dangers, such as the many dire wolves and Argentine birds that inhabit the area, so underwater nodes may still be your best choice.


Simple Bullets
Simple bullets are equal to musket bullets, however are used for forging pistols. However, while they have a recipe, Simple Bullet won't use any gunpowder in the reload animation. Given that the musket ball is solid metal, this enhances the question of how to advance the bullet. Players can Buy ARK Items on arkrex.com, very fast and safe.

There isn't a ignite fee, no flintlock firing mechanism, as well as the whole pistol is merely stupid when compared to the later versions hanging around. Even so, this is the step towards more professional guns which do include proper firing mechanisms.

The raft doesn't seem to be to blame for the complete insufficient credibility, but careful players may observe that although there is not any wind or even the wind direction may change, it always travels for the same speed. There isn't a way to row a vessel.

This fact, plus the presence of sails, usually implies that the raft is driven by wind, but there isn't any wind, which seems unlikely. In addition, the theory is that adding excess fat should make the raft sink or affect the buoyancy, but players can build numerous things since they want where they need.

Rifle Bullets
Rifle bullets could be fine when checked carefully, however, the downside is the mechanism that fires both gunpowder bullets and darts. Sometimes, players need to Buy ARK Dinos. Darts are often fired with air guns, designed to use compressed air to push the darts into the animal's body.

However, the use of the ability to fire gunpowder bullets may seem to question the full mechanism with the rifle. In other words, from any depth, a rifle doesn't make much sense, and also the existence of multiple sorts of ammunition makes this fact worse.


Today, Studio Wildcard released another version of their popular dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved on Steam, Epic, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In this version, the ultimate survival version, in addition to the base game, you can also see all the expansion packs in one package. If players want to experience survival in the Ark Survival Evolved, building houses is essential, Cheap Buy ARK Items on arkrex.com is a good choice.

In addition to the Ultimate Survival Edition, a press release to be issued on June 2 announces Part 2 of the upcoming Genesis expansion. This created what Studio Wildcard calls a narrative bridge between ARK and ARK II, which was announced last year during the Game Awards.

For those who are also looking for some talent in their narrative, Ark: Genesis Part 2 will see David Tennant of doctor who joins the voice actor Sir Edmund Rockwell, and Madeleine Madden plays the artificial intelligence partner HLN-A/Helena Walker.

ARK: Survival Evolved is gradually ending the narrative of the original game, which was originally released to Early Access in 2015 and released the full 1.0 in 2017. In the game, many players don't have more time to tame dinosaurs, so they choose to buy ARK Dinos. Since then, survival games have been released on every major platform, starting with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even Nintendo Switch.

This year, it plans to launch a Google Stadia version. ARK II will be starring Vin Diesel and will be developed with the animation derivatives of the series.


Studio Wildcard's ARK: Survival Evolved ends in 2020 while using unveiling in the sequel to your action-adventure survival game ARK 2. However, together with the pandemic still raging no game series is resistant to development delays. Players Buy ARK Items on the ArkRex shop, safe and 24/7 Online Service! This also rings true with Studio Wildcard since it was recently shared the studio is going to be pushing back the launch date of ARK: Survival Evolved's upcoming paid DLC, Genesis Part 2.
Most fans may remember which ARK series produced a lot of noise at the end of 2020. The developers did not merely announce the long-awaited sequel, proclaiming that Ark 2 will probably be exclusive to Xbox Series X, they also announced what is this great of a game-based animation series. Since there are many projects taking place at the same time, along with the work situation has evolved due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it's not at all surprising which the development team has got to postpone some with the projects these have announced.

In a residential district post on Ark's official website, Studio Wildcard updated its fans on the development status of Genesis 2 DLC. Since the DLC was originally scheduled to be sold in March 2021, the group apologized and officially stated the content will never be released within the planned release date but is going to be released on June 2, 2021. According to your post, it appears that having to relocate to a remote workplace is a factor, equally other video gaming and movies happen to be delayed due to the pandemic.

ARK fans will certainly agree that Studio Wildcard is transparent concerning the reasons for the DLC delay. Given how Genesis Part 2 provided a conclusion for the six-year Ark: Survival Evolution, they mentioned the process of ending the principle narrative with the game. Considering that repetitive tasks are very time-consuming for players, it is recommended that players Buy Ark Dinosaurs and ARK Items. The team hopes to generate truly special content and faithful towards the quality they have got launched before six years, which ARK fans are likely to appreciate.

Ark: Survival Evolved players can play various roles in Studio Wildcard's action-adventure game. Survival is not an all-a quick look at the Ark: The SE subreddit reveals an incredible array of creatures whose fan base reproduced and built these settlements. Players can also make props in the game, if you want Buy ARK Items, Please choose arkrex.com. Now, developers are experimenting with a new segment in their Community Crunch post, which aims to capture players' pranks as a metric to reveal their performance in the game.  

The studio announced:  In days gone by, the community has expressed curiosity about analytics, and we want to pilot a whole new segment called Last Week In Ark that highlights a normal analysis and statistics we collect within the backend. It's the latest Community Crunch post. In the first instance of this feature, Studio Wildcard provides some charts to provide you with a rough notion of ​​the number of kills brought on by wild dinosaur types and the volume of player kills brought on by weapon types on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox.
These are only early ideas products Ark developers might capture, and they want to know which parts of the player's adventure the community would like to see become part of this feature. The article added: With this in mind if the community is interested, we will provide something. What kind of things do you want to see? Is there a specific metric that will interest you more? The sound rang, let us know!

So far, players have been asking for a variety of different indicators, for instance how many eggs are hatched, the number of clones is cloned, and which dinosaur appears each week. But many players choose to Cheap Buy ARK Items. Others request things for example tamed top dinosaurs, and also characters created, common ways players die amongst gamers, competition, success, being consumed, etc.


Ark: Survival Evolved has come a long way since its first release in 2015. Various functions are added to the game, and plenty of original mechanisms have already been further improved.

It ends up that a special addition that is certainly particularly popular is Tek Hover Skiff, which is part of its fourth DLC expansion pack, Genesis: Part 1, which has been combined with the game. This terminal game vehicle greatly accelerates the rate of traversing the game world, but in fact, it can be its ability to transport creatures making it such a useful tool. Some novices are not familiar with tame dinosaurs, so they usually choose arkrex.com store to cheap Buy ARK Wyvern.

In short; for anyone who is still playing the Ark game, then the is something you need that you experienced. This is a valuable asset that does not only makes things simple but serves as a symbol of the mastery of the game. As you might expect, you must jump a couple of laps before you do it.

Make The Tek Hover Skiff
Now that you have the Tekgram you will need, head to Tek Replicator and select Tek Hover Skiff through the menu. You need a few other resources to make it, but they should already be everything you have on hand.

If not, you have got to do some farming. These are Crystal or Primal Crystal, Electronics, Element, Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot, Oil, Polymer, Organic Polymer or Corrupted Nodule. But many players like to Buy ARK Items and ARK Dinosaurs.

After making the skiff, exit the Tek Replicator menu and you should find the new clip somewhere near the replicator usually behind. Add some elements to power it, and you can start using it now. The controls will vary depending on which platform you are using, but they are not much different from other vehicles in the game, so don't pick it up for too long. 

Fans and players from the action-adventure game ARK Survival Evolved should be patient while using the game's next paid expansion pack, as the ARK Genesis Part 2 DLC is delayed until June 2nd, and the main theme and new key art game have been released.

This is the team's sincere apology and explanation for the delay of DLC through the game's official website.

The last chapter of ARK: Survival Evolved could be the most complex and ambitious expansion we've got created to date! We are prepared to share with you and are also proud of the great effort, creativity, and enthusiasm with the team. Players buy cheap ARK Items on the legit store arkrex.com, delivery fast! We firmly think that Genesis 2 may be the best choice that you should travel around in ARK within the last 6 years, which is an appropriate story conclusion, and hope our players will perform as well!

As most of you know, we've got transitioned into a completely remote working environment since the beginning of recently. The transition from the collaborative in-office workflow to remote work faces unique challenges.

The team needed to work from home through the entire release process, which exacerbated the massive scope in the second component of Genesis plus the challenge of ending ARK 1 out of an explosive manner that people personally set. We have thought we would postpone the launch time by one week until June 2. It just has become the 6th anniversary of ARK! At the same time, many cheap Buy ARK Items you can buy.

For us, that is a difficult decision, because we are eager to play Genesis 2 like you, but also, in the end, we presume it’s the best decision to offer new content to our players in the best way.

We sincerely thank you for your patience and hope that after you get to play Genesis Part 2 and make the first steps towards the end — or maybe a new beginning? — that you agree the wait could have been more than worth it!

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