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Amargasaurus is a new real-world creature introduced on the Ark Survival and Evolution New DLC Lost Island. Dinosaurs are very important in the game, you can buy Buy ARK Dinos from arkrex.com. Players can issue commands to it and even ride.

Amargasaurus Titanicus is a member of the sauropod dinosaur family and has two parallel rows of back spines on its back. The thorns are not only for showing off because they help control body temperature and allow Amargasaurus to live comfortably in extremely hot and cold environments. The same thorn is helpful for swimming, and of course, it can also be used as a natural weapon.

Amargasaurus Titanicus is easy to tame. That's because it is more prone to violence than other sauropod dinosaurs. However, for those who can tame them, they will also find that the spine is its best feature. If removed early, the heat storage of the thorn becomes unstable. This makes it very suitable for catalyzing the development of the sap present in many trees.

Amargasaurus Titanicus can also be used in combat. The warming/freezing waves from the spikes will affect the armor. It is worth noting that it is more effective for very complex armor. Amargasaurus Titanicus is indispensable for Lost Island DLC players. Taming it will make your exploration journey more smooth.

If you are also a Lost Island DLC player and want to own an Amargasaurus Titanicus mount, then you need to be patient to tame it. If you are just a casual player, you can Buy ARK Dinos when you don't have more time to tame them.


Currently,  has an ARK update called ARK Summer Bash, it's a bit strange. This update includes inflatable T-Rex costumes, super soakers, as well as a series of intriguing and strange assorted items. arkrex.com support Buy ARK Dinos at any time. This is the third annual ARK Summer Bash event in ARK: Survival Evolved and start this week. The event lasts until July 14th-all individuals who did not attend will regret missing them throughout their lives.
Now to launch in the Ark is a collection of Summer Bash Items for the year 2021. Users will discover 3 Hawaiian shirt patterns and 3 new swimsuit patterns. There is a new retro sunglasses skin. Users may find new Angler Hat skins and Floppy Straw Summer hat skins.
There is usually a strange new Chibi pet Maewing, Voidwyrm, as well as a creature that individuals think will probably be relegated to Spongebob Squarepants, but it appears in a completely unrelated form: Spacedolphi. There is also a new "Deal With It" Dodo as well as a straw hat otter.

A pair of new emotes were provided in this event: Flip in Place and Hula Dance. You can use all of these things wherever you can buy them, and there will likely be additional rewards about the four servers: official, small tribe, ARKPocalypse, and conquest. This is also the section of the ARK Evolution activity. From now to June 21st, the activity is going to be carried out on all platforms, and also the 2x breeding, taming, harvesting, and XP privileges will probably be fully effective.

The best part of the entire release immediately is easily the inflatable T-Rex costume. You can buy ARK Dinos For Sale to participate in this event. This costume can change the way you play games. If you want to have a look at this update, please ensure that your server is defined to -activeevent=Summer – and continue!


Ark: Survival and Evolution Genesis Part 2 DLC One of the best-preserved secrets is the Net Gun. It is more robust than the Harpoon Launcher, but it's difficult to obtain this new weapon that's very well suited for tame. The easy method is to buy Cheap ARK Items from the arkrex.com website. You will need to spend a lot of time to have it, however, if you play the cards correctly, you may acquire it as soon as you possibly can.

How to acquire The Net Gun
You could add Net Gun to your inventory in two different ways. The first method requires some perseverance, exactly like you tame Noglin, while in the second method, you can get it earlier than expected.

The net gun could be unlocked at level 43 by spending 104 Engram points, thus it may take a very long time before you reach this point. However, this certainly does enable you to makes a weapon as it's needed, this is worth the wait.

Loot boxes could be purchased through hexagons obtained by completing various tasks. The first step is usually to purchase a number of them, and then you can buy the second-tier loot boxes, each with 20,000 hexagons.

Some people believe that it is not worth investing expensive for simple weapons, but others begin to see the value of their ability. You will eventually encounter Net Gun, once you discover it, you don’t have to do anything apart from equipping it on your Hotbar and immediately begin using it on Maewing that you've been following.
What does it do?
Net Gun, also called Ascendant Net Gun, is a harpoon launcher but uses steroids. It can employ a net to knock down large creatures, for example, the new creatures added in Genesis Part 2, which makes it easy to tame these giant beasts.

A net will cover the entire Thunder Dragon and knock it down to the ground and remain fixed for some time. Players Love to Buy ARK Dinos. You can even make use of the fabricator to mend this weapon, which means you don't need it again.

The weapon data demonstrates it has toughness for 121, causing 255.6% of weapon damage. These are some incredible numbers that will explain why it becomes very important.


Obsidian is a resource within the Ark: Survival Evolved, utilized to make some necessary items. Players can Buy ARK Dinos to save make time. But, players often are not aware of where to think it is, or perhaps how to obtain it after encountering it. Here are some tips and tricks for that to help you find obsidian and mine it in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Where have you found it?
Obsidian found in shiny black rocks which have a smooth appearance. It sounds quite simple, but there are only a few places and you'll found these rocks.

They are commonly found in caves and mountains, especially near poles. You can even be close to volcanoes since this resource can even be mined near these formations.

The easiest destination to find obsidian is Whitesky Peak around the northwest side of the island. You can recognize it from the blue obelisk hanging onto it, nevertheless, you should be prepared for the cold, simply because you will soon have hypothermia.

What tools would you use to dig it?
The best tool for digging obsidian is not a tool at all. On the contrary, you can find some creatures manufactured for this work.

Due to its skill combination, it's best to use Ankylosaurus, Magmasaur Dragon, and Phoenix, and you could tame them using a single-player cheat code. You can also make use of a praying mantis or perhaps a metal pick, but when you use one in the other creatures listed, collecting obsidian is going to be faster.

There are also be creatures that could reduce the weight of obsidian of their inventory, so you're able to stay and collect a greater portion of this precious rock. Dunkleosteus is right for this job, but Argentavis and Ravager are good ways for this adventure.

The above is about the discovery and mining method of obsidian, if you want to know other information, please follow: https://www.arkrex.com/, we provide you with the cheapest ARK Dinos For Sale and ARK Items, and support 24/7 online service.

With the launch of the latest DLC Genesis Part 2 of Ark: Survival Evolved, several new creatures will follow, including Shadowmane. But many players have no idea how to tame it. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you tame Shadowmane inside Part 2 DLC. To speed up the taming speed, you can buy ARK Dinos in the arkrex.com store.

How To Tame The Shadowmane
The Shadowmane is essentially a feline and contains a few special abilities which make it an exceptional hunter. They can travel alone or even in groups of three or higher, and yes it stalks its prey by going invisible. It will also teleport as soon as you if you try running from it, which explains why stealth can be so important when attempting this tame if you can't want to use cheat codes.   

Here would be the steps to taming a Shadowmane:
Collect Fish In Fish Baskets
The 1st step is to gather lots of fish baskets with fish within them. The fish should be greater than 0.5x weight so that you can tame the Shadowmane, but a majority of have found that bigger fish quicken the process.

You can catch them by just placing a few fish baskets on the riverbed in areas that might be heavily populated with fish. The type of fish is irrelevant as long as the weight is up to par.

Find A Sleeping Shadowmane
The Shadowmane can just be tamed though it may be sleeping, first, you have to find where this creature resides. They can be that comes with the Rockwell side in the map, but you are most plentiful from the southern region.

This species also sleeps in the daytime, thus, making this the best time to aim this feat plus it makes them a less strenuous tame when compared to a Noglin. However, they solely stay asleep for 20 seconds to at least one minute so bear this in mind when making your approach.
Feed The Shadowmane A Fish Basket
Once you've located a sleeping Shadowmane, you'll want to crouch and slowly approach it from behind. It is best if you utilize Ghillie Armor because will lower your chance of detection and on your journey to it through the front will wake it. After you get close to it, a prompt will appear, allowing you to feed it a fish basket.

Follow The Shadowmane And Repeat
The Shadowmane goes invisible when you finally feed it a fish basket, and you will need to follow it to its next location. However, be sure to keep your distance until it is asleep once again so you don't become its next target.   

Finally, you must keep repeating the method of feeding it fish baskets and chasing it until it is fully tamed, and also you won't need mutagen to accomplish this. To save time, most players always choose to Buy ARK Dinos. Luckily, once you've started taming it a tracker can appear on your screen that will make it easier for you to follow it and discover your progress.



Not long ago, Ark: Survival Evolved released a new DLC Genesis Part 2, which introduced new resources called Mutagen and Mutagel, and these resources complement each other. If you need other ARK Items, you can buy them from arkrex.com.Here is an introduction to how Mutagen and Mutagel were obtained and their functions.

What Is Mutagen And Mutagel?
Mutagen is identified as a rare renewable resource that could accumulate into hundreds. It looks as being a bright blue lamp with some dots upon it.
On the other hand, Mutagel looks like a small blue node on one hand of the rock wall. Because of their fluorescent color, these are easy to identify and are also abundant in certain areas on the map.

What can it be for?
If your ultimate goal is to evolve your taming, like Noglin, it's most suitable for wild-caught taming since it can enhance their health, stamina, weight, and melee damage by five levels each. You can use it on bred tame, nevertheless, it will only boost their level by one level. This is why I suggest you upgrade them before breeding wild tame, as their children will inherit their statistics.

The level of mutagen required will depend on the species, examine the tooltip in the inventory menu will show you how much you would like.

Mutagen may also be used to tame Voidwyrm, and that is one of the new creatures add in the second section of Genesis. You just input it in the creature's inventory while riding, plus it may take a couple of attempts to complete your primary goal.

In addition to creating, Mutagel has another use, as it allows you to tame Tek Stryder. Most players choose to Buy ARK Dinos if they can't tame creatures. It is required to invade the creature and commence a mini-game that determines the progress of their tame.

How can you get it?
Mutagen needs Mutagen to exist because you can make six Mutagens from 800 Mutagel while using the chemistry bench. This is the simplest way to get a mutagen, nonetheless, it can also be found in the spotlight, and you might need to use a tamed Maewing to help you obtain it there.

Mutagel is easy to find because it can be harvested in two places: Ambergis Asteroids and Innard's Biome

You can break the brown rock around the Ambergis Asteroids, but get it in the Innard biome may be a bit tricky. You must venture for the Heart of Rockwell, a place where you wouldn't like to build a base there, then wait for the acid to recede from the pool below it because more can be harvested here.


Simple Bullets
Simple bullets are equal to musket bullets, however are used for forging pistols. However, while they have a recipe, Simple Bullet won't use any gunpowder in the reload animation. Given that the musket ball is solid metal, this enhances the question of how to advance the bullet. Players can Buy ARK Items on arkrex.com, very fast and safe.

There isn't a ignite fee, no flintlock firing mechanism, as well as the whole pistol is merely stupid when compared to the later versions hanging around. Even so, this is the step towards more professional guns which do include proper firing mechanisms.

The raft doesn't seem to be to blame for the complete insufficient credibility, but careful players may observe that although there is not any wind or even the wind direction may change, it always travels for the same speed. There isn't a way to row a vessel.

This fact, plus the presence of sails, usually implies that the raft is driven by wind, but there isn't any wind, which seems unlikely. In addition, the theory is that adding excess fat should make the raft sink or affect the buoyancy, but players can build numerous things since they want where they need.

Rifle Bullets
Rifle bullets could be fine when checked carefully, however, the downside is the mechanism that fires both gunpowder bullets and darts. Sometimes, players need to Buy ARK Dinos. Darts are often fired with air guns, designed to use compressed air to push the darts into the animal's body.

However, the use of the ability to fire gunpowder bullets may seem to question the full mechanism with the rifle. In other words, from any depth, a rifle doesn't make much sense, and also the existence of multiple sorts of ammunition makes this fact worse.

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