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Ark: Survival Evolved is a strategic survival game in which players survive and develop on islands full of dinosaurs and other deadly creatures. Buy ARK Wyvern on arkrex.com is the many players' first choice. This sounds like a challenge, but Ark Survival Evolved has a series of weapons that can conquer the enemy, making the player's life in the game easier. Here are some excellent weapons for you.

Every player knows Shotgun. This is a classic, elegant and effective weapon. In Ark Survival Evolved, Shotgun can cause huge damage. Please be wary of those who have this weapon. Because it can only hold 2 bullets, players may think it is difficult to use, but in fact, it has an amazing reloading speed, which is unmatched by any other weapon in the game.

Every player's childhood dreamed of destroying everything with Flamethrower. It is a crazy and effective weapon. In Ark Survival Evolved, you can also make this weapon yourself. Although it is more powerful than most weapons, it can only be used for close combat, but it is worth it.

Compound Bow
When paired with metal arrows, this weapon causes the most damage. Moreover, it is easy to aim at the target and has very good resistance to other weapons. If you want to cause great harm to the opponent, you need to use Compound Bow correctly. It is also very quiet, allowing players to sneak up on the back of any unexpected dinosaur.

Longneck Rifle
The Longneck Rifle is easy to become the best weapon in the entire game. It has an amazing range, causes extreme damage, and is easy to obtain. More and more players like to buy ARK Wyvern. This weapon and its ammunition are very cheap, and it is very worthwhile to make it. Adding boundaries to it is the best strategy, and it allows the player to kill any unsuspecting prey. It can also be an important asset for tame dinosaurs.

Obsidian is an important resource for craft Polymer, which is used to make amazing saddles, armors, tools, weapons, electronic devices, and structures. These items can even help you create the ultimate base. Buy Cheap ARK Wyvern from arkrex.com can help you create a base faster. This will make your gaming experience better. Obsidian is so important that many players may not know where to get it.

Where to find Obsidian?
Obsidian is most commonly found in caves and mountains, especially near the top of the mountain. It can usually be found in shiny black rocks with a smooth appearance. You can also be close to volcanoes because this resource can also be mined near these formations.

The easiest place to find Obsidian is Daytime Peak on the northwest side of the island. You can be identified by the blue obelisk hanging on it. Remember to keep warm before going up the mountain.

How to get Obsidian?
It is best to use Ankylosaurus, Magma Dragon, and Phoenix to mine Obsidian. Buy ARK Wyvern to help you enjoy the game better. You can tame them with single-player cheat codes. You can also use a praying mantis or even a metal pickaxe, but if you use one of the other creatures listed, collecting Obsidian will be faster.  

Very fast travel
Players should look for Maewings as early as possible in their  Genesis: Part 2 adventures because they're extremely fast which enables them to quickly fly on the terrain, which makes it easier for individuals to travel on huge maps. Buying ARK Wyvern is the first choice for more casual players. They can also remove and land quickly, enabling efficient transportation.
Raising a baby
Since people can gather information from your papillary structures on both sides of Maewing's body, so these creatures might be an excellent nanny for small animals. They are actually like feeding troughs for baby creatures. If you feed Maewing with appropriate food to secure that particular species, they can suck from them.

In short, players who want their Maewing to feed small carnivores will have to feed their Maewing meat, and they need to feed them berries to feed small herbivores.

Baby transport and baby theft
Players can equip Maewings with several saddle baskets to ensure babies might be safely put into them for transportation. This is a great way to transport a young creature from one place to another quickly and safely, however,  this can also be used for certain other types of taming.

Due to the influence of such saddle baskets along with the rapid flight of Maewings, the gamer may swoop in, grab a tiny wild creature, fix them in the saddle basket, and then lift off before the parent creature can react. Although a bit sinister, it could be a good way to obtain and raise many creatures.

Many players don't have more time to tame, so they often choose to buy one. Buy ARK Wyvern from arkrex.com is a good choice, you can buy at a low price, safe and fast.


Ark Survival Evolved has a vast environment, and then there are some beautiful places to construct bases. There are several picturesque places here, you may choose to be your base for the island.
Your first base might be close to that you started until you've had at least some really good armor and weapons. The fast way is to buy PVP ARK Tek Items from arkrex.com. Fortunately, there are a few very picturesque places from the "easy" spawning sites in the South 1 area.

If you climb the big hill leading to the plateau, overlooking the swamp, you'll be able to build a good place to look east based on the cliff. It is possible to spawn raptors and therazinosaurs, but so long as your barn has stone walls, you can pay a compact price for experiencing the scenery and some really good and flat building terrain.

Hidden lake
Considering the name, you might have discovered that the hidden lake is hidden. It's well hidden; this will make it a great location to construct a base for the multiplayer map. It is also one of the most beautiful battle locations on the island.
Although you can find predators inside the hidden lake, it may be a very safe place so long as you are careful. Just make sure you've good walls. Most of the area is in the middle of steep cliffs-there is often a bottleneck on the entrance-this is usually a very unique destination to settle down, with a great of an open-plan barn system.
Western Coast
The western coast is often used as a base place because there is not a complete lack of alpha along the beach, and when you reach the snow. Put it this way, if you are not well equipped, don't expect to keep your gear when you reach the mountain. Because there are Daeodon everywhere.

But the vista is shocking. By playing your cards, you can build a comfortable place, and at the same time, you'll be able to see waterfalls, oceans, snow, and volcanoes. If you want a flatter land, head over to one of the cliff tops.
Deep Island
Built too near the tree, chances are you'll leave the top door soon enough and be attacked by thylocorio. But the Redwood Forest can be a beautiful position for those who have some outstanding fighters to guard them. Camping about the beach through the river will provide you with some beautiful views.
The advantage of the beach is your flyers usually take off quickly and you may use flatter terrain. Not to mention an excellent source of meat. However, as long as you go slightly deeper into your forest, and build a few tree platforms, you may have some nice viewing platforms.

Through the above, you can choose your favorite place to build a base. Building a base uses a lot of resources, Cheap PVP ARK Tek Items For Sale on ArkRex, and you can Buy ARK Wyvern anytime.


In the Ark: Survival Evolved game, what often confuses players is which server they should join. Different servers correspond to different game styles. Various resources and creatures are also very important in the game, you can Buy ARK Items and ARK Dinosaurs from arkrex.com. Therefore, you should know all the information about the server before playing the game, which can help you decide which one is right for you.

The single-player game is self-explanatory because doing so allows you to enter the Ark: Survival Evolved Map yourself, with no chance of other random players, joining. You can explore, create, and tame several creatures, and adjust the settings to anything.

If you don't need to be attacked by random players, or don't wish to focus on taming creatures with virtually no negative physical side effects, then a server is made for you. You can even apply several cheat codes to customize your experience.

Official server
The official servers are servers created and run by Studio Wildcard, although there is a problem because these servers are very suitable for beginners. They are cleared frequently to provide a chance for franchise beginners to succeed, so if you want to build a timeless epic base, then you should consider trying to make your server so that you can make the rules to its existence.

Dedicated Servers
The dedicated server is hosted by players, but it does call for a lot of memory and memory, particularly when more players join the lobby. However, with the use of one system as the server, you simply can't use the same system to try out games. This means you need two PCs, or one PC and another Xbox, to play with and host the server simultaneously. One benefit from this server is you can adjust the settings wish.

Non-dedicated server
Non-dedicated servers are the most effective servers to play with some friends. You will be able to play the game and the host simultaneously through your settings, even so, the only disadvantage is the fact that any players who join cannot leave the host over 500 meters.

This means that any random creatures generated appear next to you, to easily kill them and protect the creatures you tamed from harm. Buy ARK Wyvern is easier than tame them. If you wish to explore the globe with your friends and build a great base without concern about being attacked, then you definitely should make this type of server.

After you determine your server, you should never forget that you cannot transfer your character data between certain servers, like official and unofficial servers. The characters you create are only able on one server at a time, if you don’t want to return, make sure you upload those to the Obelisk before exiting.


Hover surfboards, platypus-like flying creatures, and Vin Diesel falling out of the wet cabin-I still don't fully understand the Ark: Survival Evolved, but I can't deny that its new expansion piqued my interest. Arkrex.com is a store that providing Buy ARK Wyvern, many players choose it. Now, Ark: Genesis Part 2 invites players to jump into the final chapter of the game and play through the storyline that will lead to its sequel. Oh, David Tennant was among them.

The Ark: Genesis Part 2 takes the player to a new world with new tasks to complete, as well as new awesome and frightening wild animals to be discovered. The awesome thing is the very good flying platypus you can ride on its back, and the scary thing is a small alien creature that will grab your head and force you to kill your friends.

All this seems to be a rather dramatic conclusion. Players have to face the big villain in the game, Sir Edmund Rockwell, made famous by David Tennant dubbing.

There will be at least some Vin Diesel grunts in the second part of Genesis. This ending links the game between Survival Evolved and its sequel, which seems to be starring Mr. Diesel, who looked a bit like God of War-style father in last year's Game Awards trailer. Most new players like to buy Cheap ARK Dinosaurs. He is also a member of the Studio Wildcard development team; his official title is President of creative convergence.

Genesis Part 2 is now available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. As part of the Genesis Season Pass, you can also access Part 1. Now it has a 15% discount and is priced at 24 GBP/26 EUR/30 USD.

Studio Wildcard is going to be releasing the other part with the Genesis story expansion for ARK: Survival Evolved over the following few weeks, bringing the saga to an end. In the game, the more difficult it is to obtain the material, the better its function. You can buy Cheap ARK Items For Sale on arkrex.com.

This promises a narrative bridge relating to the current game plus the recently announced sequel ARK II. ARK: Genesis Part 2 introduces a large cohesive world stuffed with strange new biomes, story missions, and exotic creatures. This final confrontation between your sprightly HLN-A plus the deranged Sir Edmund Rockwell comes about on a giant colony ship that travels through space. Players must employ all of their ARC experience to survive.

Genesis Part 2 also features new voice-over talents in the Ark universe, including David Tennant, who play villains Sir Edmund Rockwell, and Madeleine Madden, imitating the robot AI companion in the game HLN-A / Helena Walker.

At the same time, so far the most completed MMO version of Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition, also appeared with the appearance of the expansion. If players want to experience survival in the Ark Survival Evolution, Buy ARK Wyvern is essential. This includes the base game ARK: Survival Evolved and all expansion packs: Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Part 1 & 2. The ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition also includes a lot of improvements that have appeared since the base game was released.

ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition and ARK: Genesis Part 2 is going to be released on June 2nd, 2021.

Since the announcement a year ago, the developers behind Google and Ark have already been silent on game publishing. However, just the other day, the USK board of directors rated the sport, lastly, there is a glimmer of hope. Considering that repetitive tasks are very time-consuming for players, buy Cheap ARK Items, you can choose arkrex.com.

Studio Wildcard announced today that Ark: Survival Evolved will in the end see its Stadia release date sometime this summer. This should be much later than Google’s initial announcement and possesses been determined to be released sometime between June and September. Hope it's going to be earlier than later, playing with either case, that is a big counterattack.

The Stadia version is updated just a few days before the debut of Ark's next extended version Genesis-Part 2. The expansion plan was designed to arrive tomorrow, however, it was postponed to June 2 at the last minute. The expansion is going to be carried out for the first time at the end of 2020.

Ark: Genesis Part 2 introduces a huge continuous world packed with strange new biomes, story missions, and alien creatures! There are prehistoric creatures in the game, you can Buy ARK Wyvern. The final confrontation between tenacious HLN-A plus the villain Sir Edmund Rockwell occurred on a giant colonial ship traveling through deep space. Players will likely need to use all their ARK experience to have success.

ARK’s largest expansion pack also provides game-changing capabilities for each survivor: whether it’s managing the Noglin creatures with the brain to capture the enemy, or performing aggressive skills on the Hoversail such as a skateboard, or remote management And check your base is built with security cameras, and then there is a great deal of other new items and creatures!

Ark: Survival Evolved has come a long way since its first release in 2015. Various functions are added to the game, and plenty of original mechanisms have already been further improved.

It ends up that a special addition that is certainly particularly popular is Tek Hover Skiff, which is part of its fourth DLC expansion pack, Genesis: Part 1, which has been combined with the game. This terminal game vehicle greatly accelerates the rate of traversing the game world, but in fact, it can be its ability to transport creatures making it such a useful tool. Some novices are not familiar with tame dinosaurs, so they usually choose arkrex.com store to cheap Buy ARK Wyvern.

In short; for anyone who is still playing the Ark game, then the is something you need that you experienced. This is a valuable asset that does not only makes things simple but serves as a symbol of the mastery of the game. As you might expect, you must jump a couple of laps before you do it.

Make The Tek Hover Skiff
Now that you have the Tekgram you will need, head to Tek Replicator and select Tek Hover Skiff through the menu. You need a few other resources to make it, but they should already be everything you have on hand.

If not, you have got to do some farming. These are Crystal or Primal Crystal, Electronics, Element, Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot, Oil, Polymer, Organic Polymer or Corrupted Nodule. But many players like to Buy ARK Items and ARK Dinosaurs.

After making the skiff, exit the Tek Replicator menu and you should find the new clip somewhere near the replicator usually behind. Add some elements to power it, and you can start using it now. The controls will vary depending on which platform you are using, but they are not much different from other vehicles in the game, so don't pick it up for too long. 

Pteranodon is the first of many dinosaurs to start out using Ark Survival Evolved. These creatures are usually the first kind of flying object players try and tame.

Downing Pteranodon
Since the Pteranodon is often a low-level creature, game players won't need upgraded weapons and equipment to tame the creature. Instead, players may use a primitive crossbow and bola to down the dinosaur. When the player uses bola to capture creatures, he'll launch yet another tranquilizer arrow or two to knock down the dinosaur. After two shots, the Pteranodon is going to be knocked down as well as the player may start the taming process.

Players may make props amongst in the game, especially Tek Items, that is achieved by collecting the Ark resources and technologies necessary for making. Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items for sale on arkrex.com, Buy ARK Dinosaurs is very fast and safe.

Food and tame
Players can use raw meat to regenerate and tame Pteranodon. You'll be able to harvest raw meat from every dinosaur roaming the map. High-quality meat will not be necessary, but it really will work faster. Merely giving biological food can rejuvenate it, but it takes a considerable amount of time. Instead, gamers need some narcotics around to speed in the process. Generally, 20 narcotics are sufficient to subdue any Ptera. If fed raw meat, the creature will be needing fewer narcotics to tame.

Make a saddle
Once the gamer has tamed the Pteranodon, they have to make a saddle make use of the dinosaur to be amount. Players will need the following items to make saddles: 75 Chitlin / Keratin, 125 Fiber, 230Hide, and 15engram points.

Pteranodons would be the fastest flying machine within the game. The mount will help the players find and tame the larger dinosaurs during the experience. By taming and installing small fliers as quickly as possible, gamers are going to be able to traverse the scenery better and progress faster.

Generally speaking, when you initially come to the Ark, you might always encounter various accidents creating the loss or death of dinosaurs caused by insufficient experience.  It is recommended that players Buy PVP/PVE ARK Dinosaurs and ARK Items from reliable suppliers. arkrex.com is a specialized store, supports 24/7 online services to help players better enjoy the game.

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