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One of the most important things of ARK: Survival Evolved is to build a base that could not only accommodate all of your supplies but can also resist attacks from other players and dinosaurs. Have enough items is necessary, you can buy Cheap ARK Items from ArkRex. The first time when you want to figure out how to design and build it, it can be difficult, especially when your supply and engrams are limited. Here are some practical tips for you to make it easier.
PVE and PVP design
The sort of design you create for the base is dependent upon the server you choose to play with. If you combat other survivors within the PVP server, you will focus on protecting yourself along with your belongings. It might add a complicated design to avoid those who might choose to break in and take your things.

However, the PVE server provides you with more creative advantages, so your main concern is the elements and offensive creatures. There are practically no restrictions on the design, except possibly the perimeter fence. Your design won't have to be military-grade, you can come up with something truly breathtaking.

Recommended design
No matter which way you determine to play, there are several recommended designs. Many people have realized that for PVP servers, the best way should be to start which has a hexagon and after that convert it to your dodecagon. It gives you many rooms to hold your belongings, not to mention that it can be harder for other survivors to understand where they need to attack your base.

The PVE server is more open because it is possible to use single-player cheat codes. Although there is no recommended design, you can look for ideas about structuring content online. Some people choose to produce a castle, while some decide to create a modern building you want to exist in the real world.
Start through the basics
In the beginning, you just need a basic cabin that has a foundation, four walls, a ceiling, and a door. You can make these with thatch when you start to use them, and then you can use different materials to upgrade. Make sure to leave enough space for yourself to expand, if you intend to have your tribe, you'll need a lot of space.

Reinforce with pillars
One way to ensure that your base is protected from survivors is to reinforce your room with pillars. Many players Buy ARK Survival Evolved Items from reliable suppliers. Some people even launched a multi-layered ceiling with pillars within the middle for making their base stronger plus much more difficult to penetrate.
The idea is to make your enemies must do their best to break into your base and use the pillars in the right way to make them a real challenge.


Ark: Survival Evolved is a relatively hard-core survival sandbox game. It creates a fresh dinosaur theme, putting players and dinosaurs in the same era for the first time. Buy ARK Wyvern from https://www.arkrex.com/ for new players is the best way. One of the new items added in Genesis Part 2 DLC for Ark: Survival Evolved is the Federation Tek Suit.

Tek Suit will take your game to a new level. The suit has five pieces, each with its privileges. The Tek Suit can be used in multiple areas. You can reach it quickly as long as you lock the destination. After mastering the use of the Tektronix suit, you can even fly freely.

The helmet allows you to switch the field of view, so you can see and identify creatures and survivors at night. It will even highlight red creatures in hate mode, so you can avoid them if necessary. This is also useful for swimming because it can provide you with unlimited oxygen underwater and can help you target other survivors.

The chest piece can look after you from harm, and it may also provide you that have a jetpack to fly you into the air. It will raise your travel speed and help you to acquire a piece of land so that you can look for a place to build a final base.

The leggings will help you to move faster on land since they will give you very fast speed. Some players like to buy Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items For Sale to play the game. However, if you send yourself off a cliff, it's not necessary to worry, as your boots will prevent falling damage.



Shadowmanes is a new type of creature introduced in Genesis: Part 2. It is the last part of the ARK: Survival Evolved DLC. The following is to teach you how to tame them.

How to tame Shadowmane
The first step is to collect many fish baskets containing fish. The weight of the fish must be greater than 0.5 times to tame Shadowmane. If you need ARK Items, you can buy them from https://www.arkrex.com/. The bigger the fish, the higher the efficiency. As long as the weight of the fish meets the standard, the type of fish does not matter. You only need to place a pile of fish baskets along the riverbed where the fish are concentrated to catch them.

Shadowmane is usually found on the Rockwell side of the map, with the most abundant in the south. Shadowmane can only be tamed when it sleeps. Daytime is Shadowmane's sleep time, but they only stay for 20 seconds to one minute of sleep. We can use its sleep opportunity to approach it.

Take advantage of Shadowmane's sleep while sneaking close to it, moving towards it from the front will wake it up. It is best to use Ghillie Armor to reduce your chances of being spotted. After you approach it, a prompt will appear, allowing you to feed it a fish basket.

After feeding it a fish basket, Shadowmane will become invisible, and you must follow it to the next position. However, please make sure to keep a distance from it until it falls asleep again and repeat the above operation.

In the process of repeatedly feeding Shadowmane fish blue and tracking it until it is completely tamed, you don't need mutagens to do so. Directly choose to Buy ARK Survival Evolved Items will save you a lot of time. Fortunately, once you start tame it, a tracker will appear on the screen, allowing you to easily track it and check your progress.

Awakening the sleeping Shadowmane without a successful feeding will cause all taming progress to be reset. However, it was attacked.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, it's normal to want to venture to a different server to see what it offers. For new players, Buy Cheap ARK Items from ArkRex can help you save more time to play the game. But, survivors can only exist on a single server at a period, so that you must transfer their data. However, be sure you pay close attention to your servers the place that the survivors sit, so as not to ever lose them forever.

Look for the obelisk or beacon
The 1st step is to find an obelisk or maybe a beacon, which is seen as a luminous light that shoots in the sky. If you plan to go back to a certain server, I suggest you use an obelisk to make a bed or sleeping bag near to it to enable you can access it faster next time. Compared with a beam of light, they are seen as a rock flying full of the sky.

Interact with Tribute Terminal
When you make it to the obelisk or beacon, you will observe something called Tribute Terminal. You need to get connected to this to drag up the menu, which's easy to recognize even for beginners. It was crystal-shaped, protruding from your ground for the vicinity of the survivor's buttocks.
Click to upload survivor
After bringing the menu to the Tribute Terminal, you'll see several options. If you want to transfer survivor data, then you will want to select the Upload Survivor button within the middle of the screen.

Transfer tame
You can transfer tamed creatures by clicking the Creatures tab at the top of the screen. Then the tab will display your and uploaded creatures.

You desire to click one in the tamed from the Currently tamed creatures section, and then click on the dinosaur footprint within the upper right corner to upload its data. However, please make sure you clear their inventory before uploading, because once they may be moved to a new part, they will all be lost, additionally, on some servers, the creatures you tamed will expire after a certain period.
Transfer items
When you desire to transfer items, you need to click on the Ark Data tab around the far left. Then, you'll be able to move up to 50 items to the next server. You should remember that not all items could be transferred, for instance, boss heads, certain tributes, and elements, etc.

Join a new server
The last step should be to join a new server, but one tip is always to make sure not to ever respawn your role inside the current server. Players can
Buy ARK Survival Evolved Items when they transfer to the next server. You are about to revisit the main menu, choose a server, and it will take out the survivors you uploaded, or you have to click on download survivors inside the lower right corner on the screen.
The new Valgeuro map extended content is completely free. For those who may be considering buying the game, now is the best time, as the game is sold is 65% of the regular Steam price during this limited promotional period. Now players can enjoy the new map in the game, buy cheap ARK Items from ArkRex to play the game can bring you more fun.

Now, when the developers claim that there is a huge network of underwater caves on this map, they may be serious. For example, there are not many places rich in resources, plus it seems to be concentrated in mere three areas. This means that should you play the overall game on a public server, it'll be a challenge to harvest correctly in a lot of competition. Players also declared the diversity of biomes appears to be far inferior to this of Ragnarok.

Currently, players remain to make lists and comparing them within the Steam forum and Reddit to determine which dinosaurs can be available. It seems that everything will need a place on Valguero, but this remains to get confirmed. Now, the map feels good and as good as Ragnarok is now.

If you are playing this game, then you can experience the fun and challenges that the new free Valgeuro map brings us. Players who Buy ARK Survival Evolved Items can get more experience. But in reality, we should pay attention to some patches to fix the wrong problem, and don't destroy the game mechanism.

One of the new items added to the Ark: Survival Evolved Genesis Part 2 DLC would be the Federation Tek Suit. It offers a range of protections, it has special abilities that fascinate players immediately. Unfortunately, when you don't know very well what button to press, it's rather a bit hard to control.
The controls we listed include the default controls, even so, the DLC is still being updated, in order that they may change. Once you begin to remember using your Tek Suit effectively, you won't ever want to remove it again. When you Buy ARK Survival Evolved Items, you must look at the shell properties.

What does the Federation Tek suit do?
Tek Suit can take your game to a different level given it will give you superhuman abilities and stop you alive within the second section of Genesis. The set has five pieces, each featuring its own privileges.

The helmet permits you to switch your field of view so that you can see and identify creatures and survivors at nighttime. It will even highlight red creatures in hate mode, in order to avoid them as appropriate. This is also great for swimming since it can provide you with unlimited oxygen underwater and may help you target other survivors.

The chest piece can protect you from harm, and it can also provide you with a jetpack to fly you into the air. It will increase your travel speed and help you acquire a piece of land so that you can find a place to build the final base.

The guard could potentially cause some damage since it performs a procedure called a super punch. You can charge it and launch yourself on unsuspecting creatures, but it really only works in case you don't have a weapon with your hand. It may not enable you to tame Noglin, even though it can enable you to clear the part of ​​other dinosaurs.

Leggings will help you move faster on land because they will give you super fast speed. ArkRex provides to buy ARK items that are difficult for players to obtain. However, if you happen to send yourself off the cliff, you don't have to worry because the boots will protect you from falling injuries.


Ark: Survival Evolved's new DLC just released, called Genesis Part 2, as well as new creatures for being tamed, like Maewing. You will not have the capacity to resist adding it to a collection since it is designed for excellent transportation. It is a hybrid of the platypus along with a sugar glider, which is harmless whether or not provoked. If you are playing Ark: Survival Evolved, now is the best time to buy ARK Wyvern on arkrex.com.
It takes three steps to tame Maewing, in case you know what you are carrying out, it could be one of the easier creatures to tame. Even if provoked, it isn't aggressive, but if you do not have some single-player cheat codes, their excessive movement in a very certain area ensures they are difficult to trap.

Taunt It
You ought to taunt Maewing to be into the trap, and you'll do this by utilizing rare flowers.

If consumed this plant near Maewing, it can cause them to become aggressive and chase you, which can be exactly what you should lure them to a trap. This is a section of the reason why it truly is easier to tame than dung beetles.

Trap It
The best method to capture it is to place two billboards in the "V" shape and make use of flowers to get its head under at least one. Once you wear the billboard, then you can put the third one behind it.

Some players can easily use the billboard alone to capture it, but this may be a waste of resources and tricky to achieve. If the billboards are far too far apart, you may also have to place a roof since they can fly away if due to the opportunity.

Tranq It
After you trap Maewing, you ought to calm it down. A simple Tranq Arrow should solve the condition. It doesn't take much making it unconscious, because it's very weak, specifically when compared to other creatures which can help you scout your base.

Feed it
The last step to tame it is to feed it the food it likes, and coarse grinding is your best choice. So, players always like to buy Cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items. However, if you don't have a coarse grind, you can always use berries, and they will tame quickly.

Since the announcement a year ago, the developers behind Google and Ark have already been silent on game publishing. However, just the other day, the USK board of directors rated the sport, lastly, there is a glimmer of hope. Considering that repetitive tasks are very time-consuming for players, buy Cheap ARK Items, you can choose arkrex.com.

Studio Wildcard announced today that Ark: Survival Evolved will in the end see its Stadia release date sometime this summer. This should be much later than Google’s initial announcement and possesses been determined to be released sometime between June and September. Hope it's going to be earlier than later, playing with either case, that is a big counterattack.

The Stadia version is updated just a few days before the debut of Ark's next extended version Genesis-Part 2. The expansion plan was designed to arrive tomorrow, however, it was postponed to June 2 at the last minute. The expansion is going to be carried out for the first time at the end of 2020.

Ark: Genesis Part 2 introduces a huge continuous world packed with strange new biomes, story missions, and alien creatures! There are prehistoric creatures in the game, you can Buy ARK Wyvern. The final confrontation between tenacious HLN-A plus the villain Sir Edmund Rockwell occurred on a giant colonial ship traveling through deep space. Players will likely need to use all their ARK experience to have success.

ARK’s largest expansion pack also provides game-changing capabilities for each survivor: whether it’s managing the Noglin creatures with the brain to capture the enemy, or performing aggressive skills on the Hoversail such as a skateboard, or remote management And check your base is built with security cameras, and then there is a great deal of other new items and creatures!
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