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One of the many roles of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker is to provide counseling to not only individuals but also the family. Family therapy is a type of group psychotherapy that involves the treatment of two or more family members during the same session. This is a modality designed to identify and challenge family patterns that contribute and/or maintain behavior disorders, mental illness and in some cases substance abuse. In family therapy, the family unit collaborates engaging on discussions and problem solving sessions to attain family goals and ideally strengthen communication.


Licensed Clinical Social Workers guide families through the counseling process. The licensed clinical social worker acts as a neutral third party, helping family members share many things such as but not limited to their fears, concerns, disappointments and feelings in a non-confrontational way. The licensed clinical social worker often asks questions designed to help families to discover the underlying causes of their problems. 


This week Sunshine State Counseling Center has compiled a list of ways that Licensed Clinical Social Workers can assist families during the therapeutic process:

  1.  A social worker encourages family members to communicate.
  2. Allow the family to work together in developing a plan that will best meet their needs.
  3. Allowing the families voice to be heard in treatment.
  4. Collaborating with the family members to create a strategic treatment plan that details the goals of treatment.
  5. A long-term goal for the social worker is to teach families how to work together to solve and prevent problems.


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