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Did you know that earrings are your #1 accessory? At my jewelry shows the women often seek my opinion on which accessories look best on them.

If a woman could own just ONE jewelry item, it should be a pair of earrings. Earrings add vibrancy to your complexion and sparkle to your eyes! Stand in front of a mirror wearing a pair of earrings. Then remove them and look back in the mirror. You will notice the little baubles make all the difference in the world. Earrings frame your face; without them you simply do not look "finished". It's like wearing make up with no lipstick or eyeshadow with no mascara.

So when they are not sure what to buy I always suggest earrings. One of the most common question is always which "earrings look best for my face shape?" While, for the most part, ANY earrings will enhance a woman's appearance, there are general guidelines as to the "perfect" earrings for each face shape.

DIAMOND-SHAPED FACE - Drop earrings with discs or clusters at the end of the drop will balance the face's V-shape and draw the eye outward at the chin. Choose rounded designs in lieu of angular styles.

HEART-SHAPED FACE - Large studs, disc or button earrings are a great choice for you because they draw the eye outward to emphasize your unique face shape.

OBLONG FACE - Instead of linear or long drip earrings, choose showy studs, or go for button or round style earrings to draw the eye up and add sparkle to your eyes.

OVAL FACE - Pretty much anything and everything looks great on this face shape. Chandelier earrings are especially flattering since they will draw attention to the entire length and span of your perfect oval face! Yes if you didn't know the oval face is the perfect shape. Most drop earrings will beautifully accentuate your face shape.

SQUARE FACE - Hoop earrings are a great choice for an angular face. The round lines are flattering and soften your looks. Disc-shapes also work! Round it out.

ROUND FACE - To elongate your features and draw the eye downward, choose drop or linear earrings instead of button or round earring styles.

Remember, rules are meant to broken; so if you fall in love with a specific pair of earrings and they don't quite fit the "guidelines" so what? The sparkle in your eyes when you FEEL pretty wearing what you LOVE overrides the "general guideline" any day!

Keep in mind the general earring guideline is just a fashion tip and are the preferred earring styles for each face shape. What's really important is that you FEEL pretty wearing your earrings whether they fit the guideline or not.


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