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It's an opportunity to pitch the team your content designs - posted by Skyzhay at Social Cents Club

It's an opportunity to pitch the team your content designs from Skyzhay's blog

I agree with everything you mentioned except for 2007 RS Accounts you getting your underwear on fire for them asking for phone number at the close of the survey. There was no need, whatsoever, to use your RS email, and you may always offer a fake in Runescape game title if that area was required (not sure if it had been ). Small extreme response for three disciplines you had on filling out freedom. Employment status is standard market research. You would answer a question nowadays for any survey that's attempting to be serious about the demographics answering the poll. Was a NEET triggered?

I may be in the minority here but I'd really like to see something. Found it interesting this came up in the survey but unlucky it had been tied into summoning (yuck). Really enjoyed the team aspects of dungoneering and exploring/randomness into it. Also having to create your own gear was cool so the wealthiest players did not always have an edge going through the skill (nothing against these gamers, only found it was more fun to the ability ). OSRS edition of dung could be sailing. When its repolled, it'd be fine for OSRS to receive its own skill much like our quests that are exclusive.

Yes! That is a fantastic point,I liked how the motif changed as you got further into the dungeons to keep it interesting as it progressed. I have not heard much about sailing but id be interested how it would work or if there's been any discussion please join! Interesting, I didn't find any mention of teams, hopefully if it comes to fruition, that can be added with a crew or even a fleet at the non PvP part. Just bear in mind a lot of things that was proposed in that 2015 dev site about sailing eventually came into match, such as island and the new prayers.

Like it'd overlook the nuance of my response some queries felt. For instance of me playing the question is because I have a job now. There wasn't any way to clarify that my answer could be interpreted that I am playing less just because I am less curious. Same with the Covid question. I'm playing because around the time Covid became a worldwide matter. How do I answer queries? The survey felt like that. It sure as hell didn't feel like"Your survey feedback will influence future upgrades and help shape Runescape's direction. It's an opportunity to pitch the team your content designs"

Where was the portion for this last part in any way? You could barely elaborate on few of the pre determined questions, let a lone give completely new ideas or opinions about existing places within jagex you think needs improvement that doesn't have anything to do with dev work/content upgrades. The poll seemed more about giving them the answers they want and push it in that way (poll questions, images, control questions etc), which makes them (jagex) as a firm look good (probably for investors) and to harvest user information (to market to advertisers) and way less about the near future of Runescape etc..

Biggest skill improvements Buy OSRS Accounts easily Smithing and fletching. Crafting has late game function with zenytes. Fletching arrows I figure and has dragon darts. Smithing has rune.make these skills useful for overdue game things. For me personally it was building, despite having my favorite rewards the training method is awful to me and depends on aligned cameras etc.. I agree for methodology construction is up there. I'd love to see more world development construction. Like imagine you can improve how cities seem (like burgh de rott tasks).

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