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I'm not being penalized for committing a crime - posted by Bestmengqin at Social Cents Club

I'm not being penalized for committing a crime from Bestmengqin's blog

After asking me several times what my level was they conclude that I'm a bot since I am not talking. I assume they are reporting me. I then get raped in random incidents, and often are very excellent. However, they don't stop me from working on RuneScape Gold my skills.

I'm not being penalized for committing a crime. Yet, I get the felling that there's a lot of fear around this whole marcoing issue and Jagex is driving the train too quickly to be effective. Jagex is filled with anti-marcoing advertisements everywhere you travel.

It has resulted in the conclusion that anyone who doesn't answer their dumb questions (which is easily discovered by looking up the high scores page) is bots. And I understand that macroing is in all ways going to be a problem however, why put all the effort to solve one problem? There are a myriad of other problems out there that need to be solved too. For instance, fraudulent players and scams are just a few of the numerous issues that need to be solved. Jagex has created a needless fear.

To be honest, this sounds very much like the whole terrorism fear that is created by the media and governments. It's possible, but not every day. There are bigger and more serious problems. Carl Schmitt's Neo-Con theory states that you need to have an enemy image to be able to build a society. Are Jagex trying turn us into honest players in order to enhance the community? Or are they trying assist us by making us believe that those who chat on public forums are opponents of the game. I'm not opposed to it, but there is enough.

So, Mitch, my friend is the clan leader. Here's his short guide. It's very basic, so I didn't post it in the forum for Buy OSRS Accounts guides. I don't think that this is an instructional guide. I'm trying to provide a how-to...

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By Bestmengqin
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