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The suggestion: If there is enough OSRS GP space in your inventory (Say that you have seven slots available within your inventory) If you purchase a DDS, it must be released as an item. If you've got enough inventory space, then it should come out as an item. If not, it should come out as a note. Of of course, if one buys 200 lobsters, then it's notes (duh), but If you only need four and you have four inventory slots, then why should you have to re-bank it?

The solution to this annoying problem IMO is very easy. This isn't a huge change, but it's a straightforward solution to the smallest of problems. Let's begin by looking at the small things. This year's theme is about fixing them. Are you having questions? Comment? Ideas? Do you want to tell me I'm an idiot? The ability to critique others is always appreciated!

This thread is for those of you who are interested (cool entry, right?). Introduction! Have you observed that Runescape is never sunny? Are there any days that are cloudy? Does it rain at all times? Do you even have any sky? Aren't there other forecasts that aren't as clear as sun? What do you think? those plants grow with no water?

Suggestion: I think it's time to start raining now before it starts to rain in Runescape. It's supposed to rain for an hour every day in all worlds. And if you really hate it, you could switch to another world. When it rains, the screen would not get too blurry or annoying to look at, however in the background you would be able to see rain, and maybe some of it in the foreground, too. It is common to see puddles and raindrops hitting them would cause ripples. Like when someone walks across it.

It does work. It is believed that you must visit the desert in al karhid to get your very first pet. Donkeys are the best choice for a first pet. Donkeys will cost between 250k and 250k. Then you can take your donkey for rides, which is the most basic thing to do. However, the same store you bought your donkey sells brushes, food for donkeys, water etc. You breed your donkey. The pet's level will increase. Your donkey will then have more energy to run.

The donkey is not inside buy rs 3 gold your ivory. It will follow you once you first meet it. It is possible to right-click on it and select "Ride" or you can choose "Go to shelter" and then go back to the shelters in the desert, to find the rider back.

Skyzhay Yesterday, 07:56PM · Tags: osrs gold osrs gp

The new version that debuted in Nba 2k22 Mt the second season has many changes and reforms. Even though the next generation NBA 2K22 is still not optimal in practice however, it is clear the fact that NBA 2K22 is a more advanced and fully-featured product than the previous version NBA 2K21.

In terms of game play, NBA 2K22's character action performance is substantially improved when compared to NBA 2K21. The "skating" experience when a character is modeling their actions in an arena is not evident, and the consistent and smooth motions will allow players to experience the feeling of a real basketball game. The rapidity of the player's movements has drastically altered the feeling of the game at both ends of offense and defense.

The shooting speed has increased while the players who have been shooting for a long time should take the time to familiarize themselves with the new shooting style. However, the bar for shooting is now the vertical design that is familiar to the series players.

On the defensive side The computer AI's back defense as well as the additional defense actions are faster and more violent as well as the effectiveness of powerful jumps and pick-and roll cuts is greatly reduced. To run the offense more easily, players may need to deploy some more complex tactics.

The biggest update of 2K22's next-gen version is "City of Basketball" in the mode of MC. "The "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 was reintroduced in the community mode in 2K18 19. It combines the main storyline with the huge "Basketball City" players must expand their commercial territory by engaging in side activities such as music and fashion trends in addition to their basketball career. Becoming an NBA player with comprehensive development of character, intelligence, the physicality, creativity and.

The gameplay of mt 2k22 this game is based on the classic design that is part of it's 2K series. The AI, Junior DJ, AI and others characters that players played in the previous generations have become NPCs within this game. The plot in the tale is very diverse, but the IQ of the script's interpretation can be quite variable, and many important plots lack logic. This is embarrassing to the model of the profession that is based on substituting.
Skyzhay Nov 24 · Tags: nba 2k22 mt

Walkthrough It is possible to start the A Sailor's Life! Quest at the largest port in RuneScape Gold runescape : Port Sarim. You can talk to Trader Stan who will inform you that he'll show you how to construct ships similar to his. You will be amazed at the custom-made ships he has built. 

When you inquire about how, he replies that it is his responsibility to return items to him. To begin, you need to Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook. Additionally, you'll need a Jug of Wine, Karajama Rum, 5k and a Asgarnian Ale. Additionally, you will need to retrieve a peg leg.

Talk with Redbeard Frank, and ask for his hook. He will tell you that first you must find him a date with Emily at the Rising Sun Tavern. You find Emily at the tavern crying. If you ask her about what's wrong, she says that she'll need to shut down the restaurant because she isn't getting enough business. 

She claims she requires 5 000 GP to stay open. She says she's willing to meet with Redbeard Frank, if you give her five dollars. Pay her the 5k and notify Redbeard Frank. After that, he'll give you the hook.Now you just need to purchase an Jug of Wine and an Asgarnian Ale. You will need to smuggle the Karajama Rum in via the Banana Plantation, just like in Pirate's Treasure Quest. 

The final item, the peg leg, is obtained by asking Longbow Ben at the Rusty Anchor Pub. He says that his gold peg leg was lost after his ship was sunk by a rival pirate. He assures you that he will return his golden peg leg if you return it to Buy OSRS Accounts him. The fishing platform near the spot where his boat was submerged, so make sure to you can get there.

Bestmengqin Nov 23 · Tags: runescape

Within the next few OSRS GP months, will steel bars still be a viable source of income or are they coming down in price? Due to the trade limit of 3k, I thought of mining the iron then buying the coal from G.E, smelt it, and then sell it to G.E. Is it possible that this is not working?

Then, I have 3k coal as well as 1.5k iron in my account at this present time therefore should I smelt them and sell them as quickly or should I keep them for a bit longer? It's hard to predict however, I believe that steel bars will be a decent way to make money. Despite not getting 600gp per barrel due to the decline in prices for coal and iron ore however, you can still make profits.

My reasons behind are: Prices of iron ore and coal appear to be stable and won't go further down. Since bots are out of the game, less people will mine coal and iron and prices could go up a bit from 75/160 we have now. Cannonballs fell to their lowest point about a week back and have continued to rise ever since.

It is possible to obtain something truly unique, such as a stunning smile. In the past, it been a success for Macki and I. The green dragons will be very useful since they aren't poisonous. green dragonhides or dragonbones are more expensive and I can take down revenants of level 120 fairly easily with my combat equipment.

I'm looking for someone to assist me complete the Shield of Arrav quest. I need to be part of the Black Arm gang. It is preferred that you live in Victoria, Australia to make trading easier.

So, I've decided to buy OSRS gold chase the big 99 Fletching. I'm currently 69 Fletching and I am fletching the maple logs into maple longbows(u) when you read this. I was wondering what course of action is best to reach 99 Fletching.


The dark bow gives players more OSRS GP xp, and hit higher. Make use of the msb when are in areas that are crowded. I've heard that thieves can steal your monsters because of the time difference between the dark bow and the msb.

I haven't personally had a dark bow and I'm not 70 range; I'm relying on what people told me about it. Sorry, but it appears that you have no knowledge about ranging. I won't believe you. The higher the bonus range, the better you will hit.

It's impossible to imagine that the dark bow can be so extremely slow. I've seen it, and it's not that slow. The dark bow takes around 4-5-6 seconds to fire, so you only need 10 seconds to take their bow. You only require 60 ranged to wear the dark bow. We would appreciate your assistance.

Sorry if I've asked you too many questions. How much are limpwurts? My friend has decided on farming should he decide to become a member. Problem:He has rather lows stats and is poor. What can I do to help him to get seeds? (Presuming that we both become members)

Do you think it is worthwhile to kill the giant mole? Are you able to offer any ideas for a fighter level? Do you know of any safespots in the region? Are the slayer zones (Slayer Tower in Canifis Dungeoun in Relekka multicombat) safespots? Are there safespots? I'm at level 72. Stats:Attack65 Strength:59 defence 52 Where can I train? Fair wages is the goal I seek. What's the value of red spider eggs?

Each limp is available at a cost of 700-1000. Seeds are easy to acquire just by asking nicely of thieves, many drop seeds into Draynor or Ardougne and all you need to do is walk over and pick up the seeds up...it will not take too long to get good enough to start developing limps, and you could make some good cash this way if you cycle through patches all day long.

Do not attempt to rs 2007 gold mole until your hundred or more. If you're part of a group who have tried it numerous times, they'll all say they can do this by themselves. There are a variety of safe spots in the slayer building. I go there often to get bloodveld. A chair is right next to the window. This is a great spot for mage, range and halberd.


If you've played "NBA 2K22", it is obvious that this game grown considerably more mature during the second year of NBA2king the next generation. While there's no "WOW" appearance for the player, there are numerous improvements in every aspect. The detail inside and outside are also much more precise.

The latest additions to shooting, dribbling and defensive methods are expected as being very simple to learn, shooting is much easier to master than the previous generation and dribbling appears more natural, and there will be no pauses caused by physical collisions with defensive players. The blocker system is expected to draw the attention of those who prefer defense as a fish swimming in water, and the overall gameplay effect is quite satisfactory.

For MyCareer and MyTeam both of them are major game modes that shouldn't be missed, the brand new basketball city shines regardless of the particulars of the lanes and streets. more cautious. The number of activities can allow players to play for hours. If you are a fan of the bundle edition or NBA 75th Anniversary version Remember to go on a cruise to experience MyCareer!

The Dallas Mavericks have two players on the cover of NBA 2K22 with Luka Doncic taking the cover of the standard edition and Dirk Nowitzki taking center stage in the edition with the legends. This is the first instance that the Maverick has appeared on the cover of major video games since Dirk was featured on the cover of NBA Live 2009.

Many people every season complain about the fact that it's an identical copy of Buy MT 2K22 PS4 the previous year's, so The Smoking Cuban reviewed NBA 2K22 to see if fans ought to buy the game, or leave it out. If gamers were fortunate enough to have a next-generation console when it came out the previous year, they'll delight in the game because of the enhanced graphics that give them the feeling that they are playing the real Luka Doncic.

Bestmengqin Nov 18 · Tags: nba2king

You can select any college and Nba 2k22 Mt take part in all three possibilities. So, if a player would like to get the maximum experienceor assess the strengths of the character, it's recommended to join the college league at the beginning, then move to the G-League then join the NBA. You can also earn an additional badge of competence If your college championship has been won.

It also guarantees that the character will be able to qualify for the initial round of the NBA draft, which means that they will be added to a bigger team, and earn a higher salary per game (VC Coin), and there is a higher chance of reaching the playoffs and winning the title. The character will also gain additional abilities if they are successful in prevailing over the university and G-League.

Enhance your interest in "My Brand" to attract sponsors. Beyond the ability parameters the character will include additional "My Brand" values ? These comprise "fashion" or "music". When the game is over or the specified task is accomplished.

This The value will gain an buy 2k22 mt amount of experiences and raise the levels. These "personal interest"-style abilities are mostly used to obtain sponsors. The character can sign with the sponsor once the value is reached at a certain threshold. Additional appearance fees may be paid as well and the VC Coin can be increased.

The best method of improving "My brand" is to accomplish various tasks within the city. Take note of the evaluation of your teammates during games. If you're drafted by a strong team in the NBA draft but it doesn't necessarily mean that your life was easy. If you are a newcomer, and the role ability has greatly above the average for the entire team, the duration in the reserve may be longer than the playing time. To learn more. This is the time when the coach will request, and the player must achieve multiple "B"-level teammate ratings in the game before becoming the first player to start.

"Teammate evaluation" does not mean that players have to score more goals, but that they need to collaborate with their teammates to make good use of passing and offensive and defensive moves, and reduce errors (such as those that are snatched by the opposition, etc. .)."
Skyzhay Nov 16


One of the most challenging elements of Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the various traps set on the battlefield. Players who want to avoid these traps must operate heavy boots. Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto can save you game time. Entry danger is undoubtedly an important part of the game, but heavy boots can get rid of them. 

Boots are placed near Highway 6. The player should drive along the center of the Galar on the left, players are ready to find camp by themselves. Then, participants should turn left into your Galar mine. After entering the area, the coach can walk down the track on the bridge. Finally, participants will cross the bridge to see the minecart behind the miner's NPC. The heavy boots are located in the Poke ball on the right side of the minecart.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the best way to punish role changes is to set dangers or traps. When all these entry traps are active, players who quickly exchange players will be punished by HP. However, when the Pokemon gives you heavy boots, the trap will not work, and the trainer can replace the Pokemon at any time. 

However, many players found too many boots and pawned them in exchange for a small amount of cash. But for players who like to fight, this is a huge mistake. There is only one set of heavy boots in the game, and players who throw them will be in a desperate situation unless they can meet some friends who have an extra pair. 

Many players like to Buy 6IV Shiny Ditto to upgrade the game. PKMBuy provides safe and legal Shiny Pokemon, please feel free to contact us at any time, we have the prices and services. 




Players must now be able to Nba 2k22 Mt earn "My Point" by accumulating experience points, doing tasks, professional basketball games or other games. to boost their character limit. It is simple, no matter your character abilities are at the top possible level, you still need to get "My Point" experience by playing continuously in order to help your character become the top NBA players. .

At the beginning of the game, the player's value will drastically decrease to an average of 60 points. Take part in the G-League or enroll in college to be a part of the NBA.

Once they have officially  entered the "My Career" mode, the players are faced with the choice of "enter the university to participate in the league", "participate in the G-League" or "participate in the NBA draft." If you decide to play in the NBA, the character cannot be admitted into the university once more and can't participate in the G-League in the event that you choose to sign up for the G-League, you can continue to participate in the NBA following the completion of a season, but you are not able to return to the college league.

You can select any college and participate in all three of them. If a player wants to build the most knowledge or experience, or test their character and character, they should participate in the college league at the beginning. After that, they can move onto the G-League and finally the NBA. Furthermore, if you successfully win the college championship then not only will your player be awarded an additional badge, but also a new.

This will make sure that the character is eligible for the NBA draft's first round. The character will be likely to be able to play for a stronger team and also earn a higher salary (VC Coin). This will give them an increased chance of reaching the playoffs as well as winning the championship. The character could also develop additional capabilities if they succeed in winning the college and G-League.

Enhance your interest in "My Brand" to cheap Nba 2k22 Mt attract sponsors. The character will possess "My Brand" further values. These values comprise "fashion" or "music". After the game or task is finished.
Skyzhay Nov 14 · Tags: nba 2k22 mt

Have you seen anything similar to it? Although I'm not ready to RuneScape Gold think that this is due to a bug with logging out however, this is something I cannot think of. You could try the normal thing players do to recover sigils they've accidentally dropped. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Well, I have been invited to GWD with my friend and his regular buddy. We will be performing Bandos and I'll be killing Hobgoblins in support of my Kc. The only issue is that I've only killed the Zamorak General and not the Bandos general.

I am wondering what outfit I can wear and what my inventory needs to look like and what tactics I should use. A level 138 player will be tanking the melee hits. (Summoning cape) My Gr cheese (RSN) will be dealing damage.

There are two choices: Godsword is a fantastic weapon that protects your life. If you don't own a whip, whip + Obby/Rune shield. Although you can bring full veracs, I would prefer whips. They're also more affordable if someone dies.

You should probs evaluate your supply based by your companions - you can bring full brews/restores, but its pointless if they are bringing mostly shark. You should bring 8 restores, 8 brews and a zammy for KC. The rest sharks and higher are fine. If you have lots of Buy OSRS Fire Cape brews to trade, you can exchange food items in exchange for brews.

Bestmengqin Nov 12 · Tags: runescape
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