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Social Cents Club - About Us Social Cents Club - About Us

Social Cents Club - About Us

Thanks for visiting our website! After way too many inquiries from my "Your Walking Billboard" clients, it came the day when aligning with a digital platform was a natural progression. In my daily interactions, it became more and more evident in capturing the digital audience, I could connect my circle of community to create a win-win for all involved.

I believe readers who swim in magazines also surf the net, and so, the "Social Cents Club" was born. Social Cents Club is a community based site where my clients get an opportunity to display information about their businesses, upload pictures and videos, take part in targeted groups to communicate with all our Members and Provide an Exclusive Savings to them as well. The ability to connect easily also allows my Providers to create meaningful collaborations within our Social Cents Community. We are very proud of our Community Service Corner where any Non-Profit can share what Contribution they are providing to our Community.

Get to Know Our Local Businesses, Enjoy the Exclusive Savings & HAVE FUN!

In 2001, I took my journey to a whole new level when I relocated from New York to Fort Myers. I was previously experienced in varied markets extending from Back Office Support in Investment Banking Companies, Event Marketing for Venture Capitals, where I planned, organized and executed events for our Investors presenting the Venture Capitals we were underwriting TO supporting fundraising events for a Therapeutic Nursery.

My first venture in SWFL began at The Olde Marco Island Inn & Suites as Spa Manager where I loved being part of the rapid expansion that occurred as a result of increasing the footprint into the community. By designing a creative marketing strategy, I was able to align myself with other local businesses to create a win-win collaboration. From there I went on to Global Health & Healing Expos, where I worked as a key player selling Exhibitor Booths, advertising in the event programs and hitting the streets marketing this event to Private/Public Schools, local businesses & Events that targeted our demographic. Moved on to Expo Marketing & I was part of Starting up the Lifestyle Magazine, We introduced a Print Product Supporting one of their Lifestyles Expos – Advertising Sales for this Monthly Niche Product targeted the Affluent Out & About Reader; hence, I prospected businesses who targeted that Audience and supported them in creating that Call to Action. I also had the pleasure of being the Host of the Mother Earth Radio Show for the Warm Mineral Springs in N. Port – weekly 90min AM Radio Show promoting the benefits of the Healing Waters at the Warm Mineral Springs – was a huge component to my personal healing of Multiple Schlerosis. Offered an opportunity to be part of Advertising Sales for the Newspress “Parent & Child” monthly Magazine – there, I created an introduction with the Marketing Person at Germain Arena to implement a P&C Event – where in turn we launched our first Back to School Bash which consisted of Exhibitor Booths & Entertainment for the Families here in SWFL and from that point we held an annual P&C Expo – either Back to School Bash or Family Fun Day which continues today.

Stepped out on her own & created Your Walking Billboard, LLC December of 2012 which supports 3 print publications in our community that target their own unique audience: Happenings Magazine , Family News and Natural Awakenings. I have a love for High Touch Marketing and Strategically Aligning Businesses which enables a win/win and being in Contribution to the Community. Had a personal healing from Multiple Sclerosis back in 2005 which brings My Passion behind an Alternative Approach to healing.

Join our fast-growing community. Find new friends and enjoy our exclusive savings!


Receive Exclusive MEMBERS ONLY Savings – Get Updates on What’s New & Exciting With Our Local Businesses – Local Events – Membership is Free & Easy!


* Your own exclusive Page on our site! * Display Your Company Information * Showcase Your Products and Services * Upload Unlimited Pictures and Video's * Promote Your Company Events * Offer Exclusive Savings for Our Members * Post Your Blog Articles * Join targeted groups such as Restaurants, Retail, Networking, etc... * Drive Traffic Back to Your Website * Boost Your SEO * PLUS link your Biz Facebook or Twitter pages!!!

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